Transcript for Kiotr chat 2-23-06.

Chat session had a minor glitch in the beginning, and unfortunately a small amount of data was lost. Many apologies for the inconvenience. This transcript picks up from the re-starting point. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

[anhayla] Hello?

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[amokitty] What happened?

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[Xakko] oops... time out!

[amokitty] Sorry!

[anhayla] We're ba-a-ack!

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[amokitty] Damnit all! Hubby is working on it.

[anhayla] Well, that was exciting. :)

[Xakko] reminds me of the old IRC days.

[oldprydefan] It was! I figured it was me.

[amokitty] Sorry about that guys! A little new at this. * blushes*

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[oldprydefan] Usually, when things crash, it's something I did.

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[Xakko] so, was it everything you hoped for? (the kiss, I mean?)

[amokitty] Absolutely!

[oldprydefan] Yes! It's only taken them...what? 13 yrs or so?

* anhayla Squees like a fangirl

[amokitty] It literally took my breath away. Not expecting that at all.

[anhayla] Yes.

[Xakko] i thought he'd take a few more issues for it.

[Xakko] but i was quite pleased. it gives me something to aim for in my story

[amokitty] how long has everybody been a fan? I've waited 22 yrs. for this!!!

[oldprydefan] I was hoping, but I was soooo thrilled

[Xakko] my first X-men issue was 197, Kitty and Peter against Arcade and Doom (they seemed so cute)

[anhayla] Not to throw ice water on anyone, but, do you think Emma had anything to do with it. She was standing right outside the door.

[oldprydefan] I've been a fan since Kitty was introduced.

[amokitty] since 1983

[anhayla] I've been shipping them sice I was twelve, thirteen? At least 13 years. Yikes.

[amokitty] Yeah, I'm scared. Madripoor Rose mentioned to me about whedon possibly getting them together and then screwing with them

[Xakko] as for Emma, remember in Astonishing #4, when the figure (Perfection?) said that Piotr changes the equation?

[anhayla] He does like to do that.

[oldprydefan] I don't Think Emma's behind any of it. Though she's obviously got things going on we'rejust finding out about

[amokitty] Wow. We truly ARE the diehards aren't we?

[oldprydefan] Yeah, Whedon does like to do that. But this is still more than we've had since Fatal Atrractions.

[Xakko] yeah, Buffy relationships didn't end happily, did they?

[anhayla] I'm totally for Emma just being a nosey old cow.

[Xakko] well, there was the cute scenes in Excalibur #125 and Uncanny #375...

[amokitty] I'm curious. Did Emma MAKE Kitty have that nightmare?

[oldprydefan] Me, too. I'm happy to live totally in denial til proven wrong.

[oldprydefan] I think she might've.

[amokitty] Yep, those scenes were the only ones that kept me going.

[anhayla] I thought she helped the nightmare along.

[Xakko] depending on your feelings about Whedon's HFC... it was probably Emma, yeah

[oldprydefan] I have such a hard time acknowledging anything Raab did in Excalibur. .

[amokitty] Bitch!

[amokitty] I hate Emma!

[anhayla] God I can't do math. I think I've shipped them for 23 years.

[oldprydefan] I think Emma wants Kitty to figure out what's going on.

[anhayla] Definitely!

[amokitty] Yes! in the second issue Emma asks Kitty to keep an eye on her!

[oldprydefan] Remember she said she brought Kitty on the team because she Knew she'd watch her?

[Xakko] i agree. i don't think we'll see Emma the villain again, not old Dark Phoenix Saga version anyway

[oldprydefan] Ha! Exactly.

[anhayla] That's why she wanted Kitty on the team.

[oldprydefan] No, neither do I. And I actually like Emma like this. Mostly.

[anhayla] I, for one, love the snarkfest.

[amokitty] By the way, just thought you all should know that Lia Fail will try to join this evening during work

[Xakko] that's so cool!

[oldprydefan] Yay! I haven't talked to Lia in forever.

[anhayla] Nice!

[Xakko] all my favorite fanfic authors (well, if we can get Kirayoshi and J Harper and...)

[oldprydefan] It worked out perfectly for me. I just so happen to be having a non-insane night.

[amokitty] Yeah! We are blessed to have such incredible talent here!!! I'm so GLAD that you all could come.

[amokitty] Next chat will be better tech wise. Promise!

[Xakko] so, favorite Peter/Kitty moment?

[oldprydefan] I was looking forward to it. It's nice to not be drowning in RP for once, much as I love it.

[anhayla] The next one? Ha ha.

[oldprydefan] The one in Ororo's attic, when she airwalked him up there.

[amokitty] Jeremy Harper said that he couldn't show until late, if then

[oldprydefan] Uggh. I can't remember the issue number.

[anhayla] I love that scene. It's such a defining moment in their relationship.

[amokitty] Favorite moment? Uncanny #165, without a doubt.

[oldprydefan] It is. I'll never, ever forgive Jim Shooter for Secret Wars.

[amokitty] the attic scene was uncanny #174. I'm such a geek...

[amokitty] I hate Big Jim too. Terrible writer.

[Xakko] i can forgive him. almost. so long as i accept that Zsaji's power caused the effect. Colossus was written so poorly tho'

[oldprydefan] He was, and he had no business dictating that that relationship had to go.

[anhayla] We should send our therapy bills to him.

[oldprydefan] Lots of them were. He was an FF writer, but didn't do so well with any of the others.

[Xakko] i loved 183 for the beatdown Peter got over that

[oldprydefan] I'm all for it. I'll be glad to forward him mine.

[amokitty] Why did the man break them up?? CC would never have them enter into an adult relationship!

[oldprydefan] That issues still makes me all weepy. .

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[Xakko] hi kirayoshi!

[oldprydefan] Because he said that the age gap was too great, and she was too young.

[oldprydefan] Hi!

[amokitty] I suck at typing . Darn it!

[Kirayoshi] Hey, what I miss?

[amokitty] Welcome Kirayoshi!

[Kirayoshi] Greetings all.

[oldprydefan] Us deciding that Morrison is Asian and that we're all geeks?

[amokitty] We're bitching about Shooter at the moment.

[Kirayoshi] Ah.

[Kirayoshi] I thought he was Scottish.

[Xakko] well, what's your favorite Kitty/Piotr moment and were you happy with the end of Astonishing #13?

[anhayla] And basking in the love for The Kiss.

[oldprydefan] Definitely. I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see it.

[Kirayoshi] Geez, it's not like they never kissed before!

[anhayla] Not in the last 100 years or so.

[anhayla] Or so it sems.

[oldprydefan] It's been a long, long time.

[amokitty] It's been like 12 or 13 since the last time they DID get to Kiss.

[Xakko] yeah, but not since... geez,.. for real? somewhere in the Ben Raab run?

[amokitty] Years I mean.

[amokitty] Lobdell wrote it believe it or not.

[oldprydefan] I don't think they did in Raab's run. I think maybe Fatal attractions, right before Ellis took over.

[amokitty] Yep!

[oldprydefan] Unless you count Kitty kissing him on the cheek.

[Xakko] well, in Exc #121, Kitty kissed his cheek.

[amokitty] I forgot about that.

[Xakko] there was the kiss in Uncanny #375, but that wasn't real (although it was a real emotion)

[Kirayoshi] Missed that one.

[oldprydefan] Oh, true! I forgot about that one.

[amokitty] Why do you suppose Whedon likes this couple when it seemed that CC no longer did?

[Kirayoshi] Hey, OPF!

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[oldprydefan] Hey, Kirayoshi!

[anhayla] I know Whedon has a very soft spot for Kitty.

[amokitty] Howdy Lonewolf!

[Xakko] heya LW!

[Kirayoshi] I got the impression that Claremont soured on K/P after Shooter told him to break'em up!

[oldprydefan] Claremont...yeah, what he said.

[LoneWolf21] Yo.

[oldprydefan] Hi there, Lonewolf.

[Xakko] he doesn't seem to want to go back in history

[oldprydefan] No. He wants to play with Pete and do odd things to him.

[Kirayoshi] Personally I think that they should have taken a break around that time, but would have preferred it to be a mutual split.

[Xakko] i thought that was what he wanted to do with Kitty (*cough* Karma *cough*)

[Kirayoshi] More of a "We need to take a step back" thing, not, "there was another woman..."

[Kirayoshi] No, that was Ellis.

[amokitty] but CC created their history! I don't know whether to love or hate Claremont.

[anhayla] I totally agrre, Kirayoshi.

[oldprydefan] Claremont doesn't know what he wants anymore, I don't think.

[amokitty] True.

[Kirayoshi] Seriously, that's why he created He Who Must Not Be Named!

[oldprydefan] Claremont tried to stick her with Xi'an in Mekanix.

[amokitty] Okay, who?

[Kirayoshi] Oh, and OTF, what's the status report on Paper Flowers?

[Xakko] well, we'll get to see with his run on Exiles.

[amokitty] Yes!!!

[Kirayoshi] Pete Wisdom, amo.

[Xakko] (I was to embarrassed to ask that)

[amokitty] Paper flowers. Tell all.

[oldprydefan] It's on haitus atm, til I can go back through it. And til I stop drowning in RP stuff.

[anhayla] We could do an Intervention ...

[Kirayoshi] Or at least hope that AXM #13 can inspire her!

[LoneWolf21] Ah RP.That's always fun

[Xakko] do you have an end in mind? I ask this of everyone, really. I feel so lost when writing that I'm always amazed when reading everyone elses work...

[oldprydefan] Actually, I think they just did. My co-admin just smacked me with two new mods. So, hopefully, I'll have some time freed up.

[amokitty] OPF rpg Excalibur Re-Drawn is amazing in it's talent.

[oldprydefan] Yes, there's a Definite end in mind.

[oldprydefan] I always have a beginning and an end when I start writing. I just have to fill in the middle.

* Xakko got the end of his story in yesterday's comic, yay

[amokitty] Xakko was telling me the same thing with his story.

[amokitty] Alright!

[Kirayoshi] Oh, OPF, you check out my latest effort?

[LoneWolf21] I remember doing an evo themed one that was a blast

[oldprydefan] I haven't. I need to catch up. I'm Horribly behind in my reading.

[amokitty] Xakko's story, Kit's Laughing is great. Highly recommended.

[amokitty] LW I love your Doug centric stories.

* Xakko blushes

[Kirayoshi] Anyone know if J Harper's been invited to this little kaffeklatch?

[LoneWolf21] Oh? Thanks

[oldprydefan] Obviously, I really need to catch up on my reading.

[anhayla] I adore Family Reunions. I've read repeatedly.

[LoneWolf21] If I see Jeremy I'll ask him over

[amokitty] He was, but makes no promises, as he wont' be available until late.

[Kirayoshi] Thanks, anhayla.

[LoneWolf21] and if Lia Fall is on, he may invite her

[Kirayoshi] I wanted to ask if we had an eta on the next chapter of Deathless

[amokitty] There are some real quality Kiotr themed stories at last on

[LoneWolf21] I guess I've taken a shine to Doug because well, nobody writes a thing with him

[Xakko] you don't mince words, do you Kirayoshi? you want your stories and you want them now! :)

[amokitty] Lia is invited, and will try to make it while at work.

[Kirayoshi] I would have been polite about it.

[oldprydefan] Hey, it never hurts to ask. How else will you know?

[LoneWolf21] and yeah, I might have been rough on Kitty, but she did get to Cannonspike Deadpool!

[amokitty] We love Doug! I know this.

[Kirayoshi] Hey, I'm still juggling Goblin Wars and Family Reunions, so I know what that's like

[Xakko] i loved that one, LW

[LoneWolf21] I'm still trying to write Mutants, Dungeons & Dragons, a story of a couple characters using the danger room as a D&D session tool

[amokitty] I'd just like to say thanks to Oldprydefan for starting the trend of great Kiotr stories. At the time you couldn't find any AT ALL.

[LoneWolf21] Thanks Xakk.

[Kirayoshi] Last I was at, someone was recasting members of the X-Men in Sin City.

[amokitty] Whoa!

[anhayla] Really?

[LoneWolf21] and Hero High School, my planned loveletter to X-Men, Ninja High School, Gold Digger, and manga in general

[Xakko] so do I... I must've read the reimagining of #390 a dozen times when I would out with my clavicle... it was so touching and inspiring

[Kirayoshi] Scott as Hartigan, Emma as Susan and Logan as Marv

[Kirayoshi] Oh, and Gambit and Rogue as that couple at the beginning onf the movie.

[amokitty] #390. Oh God. Just awful.

* oldprydefan blushes

[Xakko] Do you think Lobdell or Shooter did the most damage to Peter?

[Kirayoshi] Has anyone seen the X3 trailer yet?

[Xakko] the fastball special is cool

[oldprydefan] I have. I'm not really happy with what I've seen/heard of X-3.

[anhayla] Kitty/Iceman? gag

[amokitty] Lobdell. Definitely.

[Xakko] (i'm boycotting, personally)

[oldprydefan] I actually think Shooter did the most damage to Peter of probably anyone.

[Kirayoshi] Too Ultimate, yeah.

[LoneWolf21] Nope, haven't seen the trailer

[Kirayoshi] They'll probably end up with him running back to Rogue.

[amokitty] Kitty/Bobby is fine with me if written well

[Kirayoshi] I did hear that there's a scene with Peter and Kitty up against Juggernaut.

[oldprydefan] That's my thinking. And, oh good grief, I hate that paring too.

[Xakko] kitty and peter are supposed to be close friends in it.

[LoneWolf21] I still think it's weird they're 86'ing Bobby and Rogue when they spent two movies building it!

[Kirayoshi] What do you think of Kitty and Spider-Man?

[anhayla] Who performed the lobotomy? I'm blaming him.

[amokitty] Lobdell DID kill all of the Rasputins though. Including Peter himself.

[Kirayoshi] I still say that Ellis did the most damage.

[anhayla] Sorry, that was the Lodbell/Shooter thing...

[oldprydefan] I actually like the Kitty/Peter Parker thing in Ultimate.

[amokitty] Ellis!!!

[Kirayoshi] He didn't even know how to write the guy!

[anhayla] Ellis is evil.

[Xakko] Ellis literally was building off Lobdell's "rage" issues.

[oldprydefan] I agree. That's exactly what Ellis was diong, to me.

[Xakko] And hyping his own little Marty Stu

[amokitty] Love Kitty with Spidey. It just works...

[Kirayoshi] Ellis is good at writing his own characters, but leave him out of the X-Men, please!

[Kirayoshi] I'm still torn.

[anhayla] Amen!

[oldprydefan] I can't say too much against Pete. Not my preferred pairing, obviously. But he can be fun.

[Xakko] i like Spidey/MJ, but the annual was really, really fun

[anhayla] I liked the Kitty/Spidey date issue. It was cute.

[Kirayoshi] Mainly because Peter was such a jerk to MJ in Ultimate Spider-Man that I think he should be dumped by both of them!

[amokitty] Wisdom is fine. With someone else.

[Xakko] Sage?

[Kirayoshi] Rosemary and Thyme!

[anhayla] Oy.

[amokitty] Ha!

[oldprydefan] Oh god. Sage & Pete scares me.

[anhayla] Pete scares me,

[Kirayoshi] No Paul Simon fans in the chatroom.

[amokitty] Not sure WHAT to think about Sage/Pete. A little scary maybe.

[Xakko] i love paul simon... but i was thinking of Miss Piggy singing it and laughing

[oldprydefan] I'm thinking Claremont's Pete in general is a bit scary.

[amokitty] They don't seem like they would have any chemistry do they?

[Kirayoshi] Anyone else want to know what happened to Peter and Kitty after the kiss?

[Kirayoshi] Oh god, I remember that episode!

[Xakko] oh, i don't want to wait 2 months!

* anhayla mind falls happily in gutter

[anhayla] sorry.

[amokitty] I know that song well, Kirayoshi.

[Kirayoshi] Don't be.

[LoneWolf21] Hey, I missed most of Ellis's Excalibur because my newstand never carried the book

* oldprydefan goes in gutter also

[Xakko] it's getting crowded down here

[oldprydefan] It's a good place, really.

[anhayla] Surf's up!

[Xakko] Ellis wrote a good story, just not a good Peter. I loved his take on Nightcrawler, personally

[amokitty] In the nightmare, Kitty asks Peter what would be a good finish. I gasped.

[Xakko] And hated when Austen took it all away

[anhayla] Yo and me both Amo. and then my brain went swimming.

[Kirayoshi] I understand that an upcoming X-Men Unlimited involves Peter suffering from artists block.

[oldprydefan] Ellis is, to me, where Kitty finally got to grow up and stop being 'the team teenager'.

[LoneWolf21] I dug Pirate Nightcrawler, from what I saw him.

[LoneWolf21] Well, that's my nickname for that look, anyway

[amokitty] I agree OPF.

[Kirayoshi] Oh, did you guys hear about the new X-Men Fairy Tales mini?

[oldprydefan] No! Do tell! This sounds fun.

[amokitty] Which Unlimited issue Kirayoshi?

[Xakko] the first one with Cyclops looks cool

[Kirayoshi] Apri's I think, OPF

[Kirayoshi] April, I mean

[anhayla] Neat!

[amokitty] I'll be getting it then.

[Kirayoshi] From what I understand, the new mini is inspired by UXM #153

[Kirayoshi] which Marvel will reprint in April as well.

[amokitty] Do any of you think that Whedon will keep K&P together. I worry that this happiness of theirs is temporary.

[Kirayoshi] Each issue is supposed to be a retelling of a classic fairy tale, recasting the X-Men.

[LoneWolf21] Well, it seems inspired, I don't know how much.

[Xakko] I hope so... it would be nice to see one stable relationship in an X-book

[oldprydefan] Oh yeah. I must have those.

[anhayla] I'm trying not to think about it.

[Kirayoshi] Given Joss's batting average for relationships, I fear that the other shoe is on its way down

[LoneWolf21] I appluad the creativity of using Momotaro though. Hopefully we'll see Journey to the West

[oldprydefan] I agree, Xakko. I'd love to see a relationship that wasn't all soap opera drama.

[Xakko] it seems like the kind of book Jeremy should be writing (since, well, he did)

[Kirayoshi] I think Madripoor Rose did a story with Piotr in a Russian fairy tale.

[LoneWolf21] Dani would be almost too easy to cast as Brunhilde

[Kirayoshi] Would Hank McCoy in Beauty and the Beast be to obvious?

[anhayla] Maybe he'll be so busy with Scot and Emma, he won't have time to mess with Kitty and Peter.

[LoneWolf21] Although I think Wolverine as Beowolf and Sabretooth as Grendel could be cool.

[Kirayoshi] Or colossus as Ilya Muromets?

[Kirayoshi] J Harper would love that!

[anhayla] Wasn't that a Dazzler/ Beast mini, or am I imagining it?

[Xakko] i was confusing "deathless" with "a mutant fairy tale"

[Kirayoshi] There was one by that title.

[Xakko] it was a mini, yes. I keep meaning to pick it up

[Kirayoshi] One problem with Dani being a Valkirye though.

[Xakko] who is everyone's third favorite X-man or woman?

[Kirayoshi] As of Avengers: Disassembled, Asgard no longer exists!

[anhayla] Magick?

[oldprydefan] Magik

[Kirayoshi] Nightcrawler for me.

[LoneWolf21] Well, yeah, but tis mini is based on folktales and myths after all

[Xakko] at least we're consistent in our fandom

[amokitty] illyana.

[oldprydefan] With Rachel Summers following close behind

[anhayla] Not a big Rachel fan.

[Kirayoshi] Considering that I'm guilty of writing a Piotr/Kitty/Rachel threeway...

* Kirayoshi ducks

[amokitty] Why doesn't someone bring Illyana back?

[Xakko] ok, i loved that too

* anhayla pokes Kirayoshi

[oldprydefan] I did in RP. Does that count?

[Kirayoshi] Hey, I was inspired by Harper!

[amokitty] I loved your Vegas story, Kirayoshi.

[Xakko] i know nunzio and christina left an opening at the end of their House of M run

[LoneWolf21] Once on the AOA, once in Exiles, once in HoM, that'd be three times

[amokitty] OPF, really? do tell.

[Kirayoshi] What'd I miss?

[anhayla] brb

[LoneWolf21] Hey, I wrote an Evo fic with her alive.

[Xakko] Excalibur Redrawn- it's a great RP that OPF is in

[Kirayoshi] I'm bringing her back in Family Business

[oldprydefan] Yeah, we just brought Yana back on the RP. IT's been fun.

[Xakko] (there's no way I could, at least not in Kit's Laughing)

[amokitty] Isn't that great. Thank goodnes there is Illyana love.

[oldprydefan] I can't picture the X-Men without Magik. It doesn't work.

[Kirayoshi] brb

* Xakko kicks Lobdell

[amokitty] With Illyana back, then Peter could lose what is left of his angst.

[oldprydefan] Which would be ok! Really!

[LoneWolf21] and I was going to use Illyana (ala Final Fantasy 4's Rydia) in Mutants Dungeons & Dragons

[oldprydefan] Lobdell's one of those I both love and hate, depending on the day.

[amokitty] Illyana just kicks all kinds of ass.

[LoneWolf21] and she'd have a very Lina Inverse (from the Slayers) style bent to her in Hero High School

[oldprydefan] She does, and she needs to come back. I miss her.

[Xakko] it would give Rachel even more issues tho'. you'll have to bring back Jean as well

[amokitty] Why do suppose there was never a romantic interest for Illyana?

[anhayla] She was doomed?

[amokitty] Ha!

[LoneWolf21] Meanwhile, of course, Doug has to stay dead because "Well there has to be someone to remind them of damger!" or something

[Kirayoshi] She was too angry?

[Xakko] good question- who would you have put her with? the other New Mutants were too goody goody or too immature

[oldprydefan] I think they were playing on the whole Demon Sorceress who can never truly be a part of things angle.

[Kirayoshi] All that demon rage

[anhayla] And young!

[oldprydefan] Heh. Bobby or Doug.

[anhayla] Hey, bril idea! Wisdom!

* anhayla runs away

[amokitty] We need to start a bring back Doug petition too while we're at it.

[oldprydefan] .

[LoneWolf21] I did write a small thing with Kitty walking in on Doug and 'yana making out

[Kirayoshi] I've read one or two fanfics that tried to set up Illyana with Pete.

[amokitty] wisdom??!!!!!

[oldprydefan] She'd hate him. So much.

[Kirayoshi] Yeah.

[amokitty] Oh no....

[amokitty] Not wisdom.

[Kirayoshi] I didn't make it up, mon ami!

[LoneWolf21] I know I was going to write follow ups, pogressing Kitty's dealing being a third wheel

[anhayla] Just kidding. I hate Wisdom with an abiding passion. :)

[Xakko] Wisdom tries to be dark to keep people from knowing he cares. Illyana WAS dark and tried to keep people from caring

[Kirayoshi] I don't hate Pete Wisdom.

[Kirayoshi] I just hate Kete

[Kirayoshi] It's like Spike on BtVS.

[amokitty] Actually, from the X-Men Alpha Flight mini, I always thought that Doug would make her a good suitor.

[Kirayoshi] He's cool on his own, but Spuffy is a terrible idea!

[oldprydefan] RP has really softened my feelings toward a lot of characters. But I can't see Illyana and Pete not killing eachother.

[Kirayoshi] I stumbled onto a second X-Men/Alpha Flight two-issue mini a few years ago.

[Xakko] i was wondering what the feeling towards Spike would be from this group of fans

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I think Doug is good. He's got about the right temperment.

[Kirayoshi] Story by Ben Raab, art by John Casaday

[LoneWolf21] Heh, wouldja believe on the Bayville rpg, Kitty was dating Chamber?

[oldprydefan] I love Spike. Just not with Buffy.

[Xakko] with the Kitty-Peter date? Wasn't that early Cassady art?

[amokitty] Illyana would have a predisposed hate for Wisdom, out of loyalty to her brother, I would imagine.

[LoneWolf21] *the one I was in

[Xakko] (beat me to it)

[oldprydefan] Yep, I would. They tend to get along well.

[Kirayoshi] That was the one, Xakko

[oldprydefan] Ours just hates Pete because he's rude and annoying.

[amokitty] True that.

[Xakko] i've been trying to create a no-prize explanation for Peter's behavior in Excalibur, and I'm almost done...

[Kirayoshi] Or maybe Illyana would be intrigued by him, given his history with both her brother and her best friend.

[anhayla] and then kill him?

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I tend to lean toward the killing.

[Kirayoshi] Nah

[amokitty] OPF, in your rpg you have Kitty and Wisdom together. Peter is involved with Siryn. Any chance for Kiotr at all?

[Kirayoshi] the cigs would do that for him already!

[LoneWolf21] Stress. You try perforing nightly ventriquist acts with veggie Magneto for the Acolytes

[oldprydefan] The thing I learned in RP, is that it's really, really risky to play your OTP.

[LoneWolf21] Anyone would go off on the first target they see!

[anhayla] LOL!

[amokitty] How is that OPF? Just curious.

[oldprydefan] It's hard not to get way more attached than is good.

[LoneWolf21] Peter: So, Magneto, what did you tink of Skids cooking? ::moves Magneto about:: It slides right through you!

[amokitty] You know I should stop calling you OPF, and call you Susan, huh?

[oldprydefan] Sure!

[Xakko] i'm keying on Ellis writing that Peter hadn't slept in days- what if that was a week or more? Sleep deprivation does cause insanity, you know.

[anhayla] My question is, did he *walk* to Scotland?

[Xakko] that's my angle.

[anhayla] That would make anyone cranky.

[amokitty] Where did Ellis get the idea that Peter was insane in the first place?

[oldprydefan] I think Ellis was using that as a breaking point for him under all the stress he'd been under. The straw that broke the camel's proverbial back.

[Xakko] he had been- when he was suffering brain damage after the fight with the X-cutioner

[anhayla] Zero character research?

[Kirayoshi] Yeah.

[oldprydefan] I don't Like that scene. I never will. But that's my only explanation.

[LoneWolf21] Probably that Excalibur issue that blamed Peter on leaving for the Acolytes on brain damage

[Xakko] then he was healed in Exc #71, and was perfectly fine in Uncanny #325

[LoneWolf21] But wasn't it proven there was no damage? He just went of his own will?

[Xakko] I'll let readers of Kits Laughing decide how I do...

[oldprydefan] Yeah, that's what kind of screws that theory. Because he Was fine in 325. Then suddenly he's trying to kill people.

[LoneWolf21] You could blame it on post-stress on dealing with that kangaroo court on Avalon

[anhayla] It was Gregori. *kicks Bloodlines*

[Xakko] apparently the X-Men/Clan Destine crossover happened between there, too. And he was fine there as well.

[amokitty] Jeremy told me that the author has to have love for a character to have a decent story with them in iot.

[oldprydefan] Though I'll give Ellis this. He doesn't leave him insane. Which is a huge pet peeve of mine with fic writers.

[oldprydefan] Oh, I absolutely agree. There has to be a love of the character or characters. Or you'll never get it.

[Xakko] but he made him a stereotypical Russian? When did we see Peter ever just sit like a lump when he had issues to work out? He would always just take an axe to a tree....

[LoneWolf21] I remember really eing irked by that crossover

[amokitty] True. Ellis only wrote him insane for a couple of issues. But in the eyes of Kete fans the damage was done.

[anhayla] It serves their purpose, why be true to the character? *kixks certain fic writers*

* LoneWolf21 kicks writers for the stupid rookie cannonball stories

[Xakko] i've seen a few fics where Peter tries to rape Kitty... which really sadden me

[Kirayoshi] As far as most Kete fans are aware, Piotr's first two appearances were UXM #183 and Excalibur #92.

[Xakko] good point, Kirayoshi

[oldprydefan] Yeah, no. Peter would never do that. Those sorts of fics are just wildly OOC as far as his personality.

[Kirayoshi] I've stumbled onte a few fics where Piotr and Kitty are married, but he's cheating on him.

[Kirayoshi] her, I mean!

[anhayla] Oh yeah, seen some of those. As if Kitty would stand for that, if anything.

[amokitty] So what are the thoughts on fanfiction writer Luba Kmetyk anyway? Hatred??

[Kirayoshi] Okay, let's run down a few examples of Piotr written write.

[Kirayoshi] right

[Kirayoshi] Luba at least plays fair with Piotr

[oldprydefan] Ok, I really love Luba as a person. She's great.

[Kirayoshi] But her site's been taken over by the Spuffy crowd

[amokitty] You know Luba?? wow.

[Xakko] it's like a whole new world. and I thought CBR was a community...

[oldprydefan] Yeah. We've actually named a flying cat after her that we're using in our current plot. .

[anhayla] How can Kete be so popular, when it was jsut a blip on the Kitty radar. So many years of other ... interests.

[Xakko] well, most of Uncanny from #94-242 or so

[oldprydefan] She doesn't write Peter like I would. Or Kitty either, exactly, but I can't fault her too much.

[amokitty] I love THIS community. But next the next chat will go smooother. Promise.

[Kirayoshi] Okay, specific stories:

[Xakko] i really think, had he been left alone, CC might've gotten them back together. he kept dropping hints.

[Kirayoshi] I nomiate the last chapter of the Proteus arc.

[anhayla] It so nice not being "alone" in my fandom. :)

[oldprydefan] Kete, I think people like the conflict between the two characters. And, believe me, there is conflict there.

[oldprydefan] Isn't it? The Kiotr people must unite!

[anhayla] Can we say Moonlighting?

[oldprydefan] Yep. Exactly.

[Kirayoshi] HOLLA!

[Xakko] I love Uncanny 197, where they reconcile

[amokitty] conflict supposedly makes chemistry.

[Xakko] (you're going to make me pop Atomic Shakespeare back in the DVD player)

[Kirayoshi] Proof that antagonstic chemistry doesn't always equal romantic chemistry!

[anhayla] I have a livejournal community dedicated to Kiotr. We are few, but proud, right Amo? :)

[Xakko] what's it called, anhayla?

[amokitty] Absolutel;y, Anhayla!

[Kirayoshi] link, please!

* anhayla

[oldprydefan] Ooh, yay!

[Kirayoshi] thank you.

[Xakko] yay!

[anhayla] It's open to any member to post. It's just me posting right now, though.

[Xakko] so, do you have beta readers/ editors for your fanfiction?

* anhayla pokes amo

[amokitty] Anhayla, I too thought that I was the only one that sailed that 'ship. It's nice to know that there IS a Kiotr fandom that exists.

[LoneWolf21] If this an open question...I once did, but not anymore.

[oldprydefan] I do now, though I didn't for a while.

[anhayla] No. I need some. AMo is prodding me gently.

[Xakko] of course it's open.

[oldprydefan] I have a list of people I nicely.

[amokitty] I offered to beta, yeah!

<-- Kirayoshi has left #KIOTR

[Xakko] i've tried posting my in progress work on one site, but all i get is "nice job"... and I know it needs major work

[oldprydefan] My co-mod is usually the most convenient target. Because she can't run away.

--> Kirayoshi has joined #KIOTR

[Kirayoshi] testing, testing, one two three...

[anhayla] welcome back

[Kirayoshi] sorry bout that.

[amokitty] I'll give my opinions for whatever they worth Xakko. I really try to give review with some thought put into it.

[Kirayoshi] You know who could have ended up playing Kitty in X3?

[Xakko] well, i appreciate your comments so far...

[amokitty] thanks!

[Xakko] summer glau?

[anhayla] Summer!!

[oldprydefan] I think I'd like almost anyone but who they picked for it.

[Kirayoshi] You heard about that, huh?

[oldprydefan] Yes! And she'd have been so much better.

[amokitty] Ellen's wig gives nightmares....

[anhayla] Definitely! Summer would have been perfect. She can kick around corners...

[Kirayoshi] I read that she used Kitty's big scene from AXM #5 for her audition!

[Xakko] and that she called Joss, not knowing that he'd written it

[Xakko] (i was excited about the movie until I spoiled the beginning for myself)

[anhayla] Isn't that perfect.I was so disappointed she didn't get the part.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, so was I.

[anhayla] Have you seen the fight scenes in Serenity?

[anhayla] That

[Kirayoshi] I saw Katie Stuart(Kitty from X2) in a decent production of A Wrinkle in Time

[amokitty] Okay, for the Firefly fans.... do you think that Kitty, Peter, and Illyana, are similar to Kaylee, Simon, and River? Am I a complete crackpot? Discuss.

[anhayla] I can see some of the personality similarities. Especially in the old days.

[Xakko] I wonder what Whedon's first issue of X-men was.

[amokitty] River and Illyana are both damned scary...

[Kirayoshi] Interesting connection.

[LoneWolf21] I do think the Captain (Gah! Why can't I remember his name?) as a more bitter Sam Guthrie

[amokitty] Mal!

[oldprydefan] Whedon started reading around the same time I did, if I remember right. Sometime around the time Kitty was introduced.

[LoneWolf21] Mal! That's it!

--> anhayla1 has joined #KIOTR

[Kirayoshi] I started around the Paul Smith period.

<-- anhayla has left #KIOTR

[amokitty] Me too.

[anhayla1] wormnole!

[amokitty] Crap!

[Xakko] did any of you read the Whedon/Ellis exchange?

[anhayla1] wormhole, I mean

[LoneWolf21] I started via the Fox cartoon, technically

[Xakko] (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends X-Men episode, to be completely honest)

[Kirayoshi] OY!

[amokitty] yes, I did! It was a Ellis/Whedon lovefest under the guise of insults.

[Xakko] it was funny as hell, tho'

[Kirayoshi] Was that the one with Wolverine with an Aussie accent?

[amokitty] Xakko, me too!

[Xakko] no, that was "Pryde of the X-men"... *shudder*

[Kirayoshi] Ah.

[oldprydefan] I think that was ...yeah, that one. .

[amokitty] I actually thought Firestar was an X-Man!

[Kirayoshi] never saw that one.

[anhayla1] I started with a bunch of back issues in 82 or 83,. Junior high is awfully fuzzy.

[Xakko] Kitty was the same age as me back then. I think it was my first and only cartoon character crush

[LoneWolf21] I wonder why She didn't join the New Mutants

[Kirayoshi] I do remember an ep with Kitty, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird.

[LoneWolf21] She had a bilt in connection with Cannonball

[anhayla1] She did, and raised hell, until Xavier let her out. LOL!

[Kirayoshi] They even included her crush on Piotr!

[amokitty] Thunderbird and Colossus had the same voice in that episode.

[Kirayoshi] Check the details in UXM #168, "Professer Xavier is a Jerk"

--> JHarper has joined #KIOTR

[Kirayoshi] Hey, J!

[Xakko] hi there! welcome!

[anhayla1] LOVED that issue. Peter is trying to be so understanding, while Illyana has had enough of the whining...

[JHarper] Hello all. Just wanted to poke my nose in and say hi.

[Kirayoshi] Hi.

[anhayla1] Hi!

[amokitty] Kid Colossus. NeXt. Unhappy. Oh well, can't have everything.

[amokitty] Welcome Jeremy!

[Kirayoshi] Who?

[JHarper] Hey Amo. How are you doing?

[Kirayoshi] NeXt?

[amokitty] Great. Lovely to have you here.

[Xakko] do you know for sure if it's the son of Nereel?

[amokitty] Nope.

[Kirayoshi] Are they bringing him back?

[amokitty] Yes.

[JHarper] Thanks. :) Sorry I was late. Playing a game, and caught up. Never should have hooked up my Playstation. :/

[amokitty] LOL.

[JHarper] I also don't know how long I can stay, but it's nice to see everyone. Thought I'd miss everything.

[anhayla1] I lose DAYS playing Sims 2

[oldprydefan] Hi, Jeremy!

[LoneWolf21] Jeremy! Long time no see!

[JHarper] Hallo, OldPrydeFan! Never thought to ever talk to you. Thought you gave up writing for RPGing. :)

[Kirayoshi] I have that problem with Final Fantasy IX

[JHarper] Hey Joey. How ya doing?

[LoneWolf21] Doing good amigo

[oldprydefan] RPG has taken over my life, whether I want it to or not. .

[JHarper] I'm working on FFTactics right now. Talk about addicting. I plan on FF IX after I finally beat FFTactics.

[Xakko] OK, who loved the Kiotr dialogue in X-Men Legends 2?

[Xakko] well, maybe not the actual dialogue...

[LoneWolf21] Ah Tactics! Great game!

[anhayla1] There's kiotr in Legends??

[Kirayoshi] Kitty is in that game?

[Kirayoshi] Is she a playable character?

[Xakko] She's an NPC in the Mansion level.

[JHarper] Heh. Yeah, I've heard how addicting they can be, the play-by-post. I'm a tabletopper myself.

[LoneWolf21] I use the female White Mage design for Rahne in M,D&D

[Kirayoshi] Too bad.

[Xakko] If you approach here with a team without Colossus, she'll ask where he is. If he's there, they have a conversation

[LoneWolf21] I'm gaming myself. Playing Zelda

[JHarper] Actually, I'm planning on running an X-Men RPG for Lia next time I'm out in Cali.

[oldprydefan] Well, it's not so bad if you're not running the board. It's like a full time job otherwise.

[Kirayoshi] Next game, they need Kitty.

[amokitty] Can you give a gist of the conversation?

[LoneWolf21] Oh yeah? Groovy! I'll see if I can make it, if I get invited

[JHarper] I can imagine. I run D&D games for a group on Sundays, and the prep work can take up a lot of time.

[Xakko] well, there's some conversation between Peter and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) through the previous missions, and Kitty hears that Peter's been flirting, but it turns out it was just a misunderstanding.

[anhayla1] Funny

[amokitty] Thank you so much Susan for taking the time to be with us. Excalibur Re-Drawn is fantastic, but consuming timewise, I'll bet.

[LoneWolf21] the line about Magneto eyeing him as a son in law was priceless!

[oldprydefan] Ours has just gotten way bigger than we ever planned for.

[Kirayoshi] Lovely.

[Xakko] it's a fun read, susan

[JHarper] I was tempted to sign up for your Excalibur board, since I'd love to play Colossus off of your Shadowcat, but the era soured me. Any other era, even post-Secret Wars, I'd probably would have.

[oldprydefan] Thanks. It's nice to have a break once in a while, though.

[amokitty] But the rpg looks so polished!

--> liafaile has joined #KIOTR

[Xakko] ( i nearly applied for Peter when he went untaken for so long, but didn't think I was good enough)

[amokitty] Hi Lia!

[Kirayoshi] Hey, Lia!

[JHarper] Hey Lia. :)

[Xakko] hi there! wow...

[liafaile] Hey guys!

[oldprydefan] Aw, man, I'm sorry that era wasn't good for you. We'd have loved to have had you.

[liafaile] How are you all doing?

[oldprydefan] Hi, Lia!

[amokitty] Great!!!

[LoneWolf21] Howdy Lia. This is Joey, from cpk way back when

[liafaile] Hey! Good to talk to you again.

[anhayla1] Hi Lia, love your work. :)

[oldprydefan] Xakko, you so should've!

[amokitty] Her work rocks!

[Kirayoshi] I'm trying to follow Star Wars III while writing this.

[JHarper] Probably a good thing. I'm not too prolific with writing. I would probably have fallen behind. But you guys do a good job.

[liafaile] Thanks so much.:)

[oldprydefan] Her work gave me hope that Kitor lived.

[JHarper] Lia is very good. The new story she's working on is going to be superb.

[amokitty] It certainly lives here. :)

[Xakko] i'm just going to say that I love the work of everyone here... it was all very inspiring, both prior to Astonishing #4, and in the interminable delays after it...

[Kirayoshi] So, Jeremy, AXM #13, whaddya think?

[liafaile] And your work kept me going with the Kiotr spirit while he was dead, oldprydefan.

[JHarper] Eh, my damn store didn't get it. I won't be getting it til tomorrow, I'm afraid. :/

[anhayla1] Absolutely! I so admire everyone here!

[amokitty] That KISS!!

[oldprydefan] Thank you!

[Kirayoshi] Aww.

[JHarper] I have come to the conclusion that Brian Michael Bendis is a prolix hack, however. :/

[LoneWolf21] Ah yes, what happened last issue

[JHarper] Everyone here is pretty damn good, in my estimation. We have a talented clique.

[Kirayoshi] Not a fan of Spider-Man/Kitty, huh?

[Xakko] i was able to use Ultimate Spider-Man to get my wife into comics...

[amokitty] You guys have no idea how happy I am that you're here. Thank you so much

[LoneWolf21] I liked Girl Puck, dang it!

[Kirayoshi] I'll admit to enjoying Powers

[Kirayoshi] brb

[amokitty] Alpha Flight. *sob!*

[JHarper] No, New Avengers. Grrr... I was a fan of Busiek's run, and while I gave BMB a chance, his New Avengers doesn't make up for Disassembled in the least. :/

[Xakko] I have faith... that it can be retconned somehow. Where's the Beyonder when you need him

[JHarper] Heh.

[LoneWolf21] She and Maplelea were supposed to be retired and raising kids!

[anhayla1] House of A?


[JHarper] Tell me about it. :)

[amokitty] Bendis and Whedon are buddies you know..

[oldprydefan] Hey, everyone gets equal torture. I officially gave up on Adjectiveless X-men last issue.

[Xakko] (the interview with Kurt Busiek and George Perez on the Ultimate Avengers DVD is fun)

[JHarper] Anyhow, I didn't mean to derail the conversation. Without spoiling it, how did you all like AXM 13?

[Kirayoshi] Courage, Xakko, Brubaker is coming to make everything all right.

[Xakko] I loved it... it was good to me.

[amokitty] I'm disenchanted with Milligan myself, and Sabertooth has GOT to go! I'm dropping some books too.

[JHarper] Lia's been telling me how bad that is. What is it about X-Titles that seems to drain a writer's brain? I heard Milligan was suppose to be good.

[Xakko] Dead Girl is pretty funny so far.

[oldprydefan] I loved AXM 13. It's given me hope.

[liafaile] I don't know if Milligan's just not trying, or if the editors are forcing him to write this stuff.

[Kirayoshi] Milligan is good in a non-conventional title, like X-Statix

[oldprydefan] I don't even Know the people in the adjectiveless title. At all.

[amokitty] If only Cassady could draw Peter as nicely as he does Kitty. it would have been PERFECT.

[anhayla1] Is Ororo gone for good? She was a big Kiotr shipper...

[JHarper] I wonder if Mike Carrey will be any better. Lucifer was the best Vertigo title for a long while, but I was not impressed with Spellbinders.

[Kirayoshi] My only real problem is that he gave Kitty a funny nose.

[JHarper] Feel sorry for Wolvie and Nightcrawler. Getting dumped for a childhood crush.

[amokitty] She's gonna be Mrs. Back Panther now.

[anhayla1] It's a little snubby, isn't it?

[oldprydefan] From what I've read on Carey's plans, it's looks like we'll be looking at possibly Rogue/Bobby & Raven/Creed. Which makes me want to run far away.

[Kirayoshi] Kinda

[Xakko] am i the only one who wants Kurt and Amanda to get back together? Am I just that old school?

[anhayla1] Wait, I thought Bobby was gay...

[JHarper] No big fan of Mystique, if I remember correctly. :)

[amokitty] Trying for Jewish nose, perhaps?

[liafaile] I love Kurt and Amanda!

[oldprydefan] No, not really, but she's been so OOC lately I don't recognize her anymore.

[JHarper] No, I like old school myself. Hell, my favorite fictional relationship is 25 or so years old. :)

[oldprydefan] Me, too! Kurt & Amanda supporters unite.

[LoneWolf21] I'm cautiously optimistic about Carey via his comments on Sam

[amokitty] Old school was best. After all, it sounds like we were all there!

[Kirayoshi] Aren't they trying to set Kurt up with someone else?

[JHarper] If Millar was writing, he'd probably set Kurt up with Nocture. :/

[oldprydefan] Rachel? Who knows these days. I'm hoping Brubaker can sort it out.

[Xakko] Nurse Palmer? she got shipped off at the end of the series

[Kirayoshi] Nocturne's his daughter!!!!!

[JHarper] Brubaker is excellent. Loving his Captain America.

[JHarper] Like that would stop Millar.

[amokitty] chokes! Nocturne?

[Kirayoshi] I heard he's doing good things with Daredevil too!

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I'm loving Brubaker. Especially Deadly Genesis.

[oldprydefan] Millar is killing the Ultimate FF. For that alone, I heartily dislike him.

[Xakko] I'm not entirely sold on Deadly Genesis yet... it's such hallowed ground and it'll be tricky to bring it all together

[amokitty] He brought back Bucky! Not sure what to think about that...

[JHarper] Lia's liking that one. I think I'm an anomoly here. Save for Astonishing, I don't read any X-titles.

[LoneWolf21] I'm kinda liking Ult.FF, aside from the trace art

[JHarper] I'm two minds about that myself, I'll admit, but Out of Time and The Winter Soldier were so damn good, I can deal with it. He wrote a good story, and wasn't trying just to shock.

[Kirayoshi] Bucky's return was well handled, but it reminded me too much of what they did with Jason Todd in the Bat-titles

[oldprydefan] I was really skeptical on Deadly Genesis, but he's pulled it off so far, I think.

[Xakko] (i didn't want to lose Banshee)

[JHarper] Heard Banshee bought it. :/

[oldprydefan] No, neither did I. It makes me sick that Sean's gone.

[liafaile] At least he'll probably be back from the dead in a few years.

[Kirayoshi] Anyone else think that Professor X is not going to live long?

[JHarper] Lia speaks wisdom, there. :)

[amokitty] I'm taking a wait and see attitude on Genesis. I want to see more of Vulcan first.

[oldprydefan] I can only hope.

[Xakko] it sort of reminds me of how we lost Peter- a character that the staff wasn't using - or not well in any event- so they bump him off for dramatic effect

[JHarper] OldPrydeFan, do you have any Thunderbolts running around your Excalibur RPG?

[JHarper] It shows a lack of imagination. Not that I'm ever going to write at that level, but if I do, I think I'd make it a policy to only break my own toys.

[amokitty] You're being too modest Jeremy.

[JHarper] As furiating as JMS can be on ASM, I'll give him that much. He hasn't killed off an established character just for cheap shock.

[Xakko] your writing is so intricate- I would almost say you should try for their novels...

[JHarper] Thanks Amo. :)

[oldprydefan] No,no Thunderbolts. But you never know with us. We're liable to have anything at some point.

[liafaile] He is, isn't he? He's too good to think of his writing in such small terms.

[Kirayoshi] (cough)Gwen Stacy!(cough)

[JHarper] I'm trying. That's why I haven't posted anything new on the Kiotr front. I've been working on original fiction.

[JHarper] Well, Gwen was all ready dead. :)

[liafaile] I'll never forgive JMS for what he did to her.

[JHarper] But I wasn't happy with Sins Past. Up until the last issue, I thought he was going to swerve, but he didn't.

[JHarper] Just curious. Thunderbolts started up around that time, IIRC.

[amokitty] Me either. To say Gwen was ooc is an understatement.

[oldprydefan] Oh, good for you, Jeremy! I want to go be able to order something from you on

[LoneWolf21] Well that era was Road Trip X-Force...right?

[Xakko] i would buy it too.

[JHarper] Thanks for the kudos, Xakko. You too OldPrydeFan. :)

[amokitty] We can always say that we knew Jeremy when....

[JHarper] I'll be trying. You've read Deathless, or any of my other work?

[JHarper] Heh heh heh. :)

[amokitty] It's fantastic.

[Kirayoshi] Kudos all around!

[Kirayoshi] Kudos all around!

[anhayla1] Deathless was so compelling!

[amokitty] We love you too, Kirayoshi!

[JHarper] :) You make me blush.

[oldprydefan] , I've read most all of yours, I think, Jeremy. Deathless was awesome.

[JHarper] You're very good yourself, K.

[Kirayoshi] sorry about the double-post

[Kirayoshi] Aww, shucks!

[anhayla1] So more Bloodlines, soon?

[Kirayoshi] I'm working on it.

[oldprydefan] There really is some awesome talent in here. I think I've read at least something from most everyone.

[JHarper] Thanks. I've always wondered what you thought. I wouldn't have started it, if it wasn't for your inspiration. I think I dedicated the prologue to you.

[Xakko] considering nearly every one of my favorite authors on is here right now, I'm really happy to be here

[Kirayoshi] I'm debating whether I want the whole AXM team in this one, or just the four I have so far.

[amokitty] You know what? Out of everybody here, I;m the only one to not have some great story under my belt. Damn!

[liafaile] I can't wait to find out how Illyana came back in Bloodlines, Kirayoshi. Reading the ending to your story made my day.

* anhayla1 hides

[Kirayoshi] Thanks

[anhayla1] Yes, me too, K!

[JHarper] What amazed me is how you got almost 200,000 words of quality writing done in three months. I wish I was that prolific.

[Kirayoshi] Seriously, Illyana would be the easiest person to bring back!

[JHarper] Bloodlines was very good. I need to review it. I'm way behind on reviews.

[JHarper] Was Rose here earlier?

[oldprydefan] I think you started it right about the time I got sucked into RP. But, yes, Deathless was an Amazing story. Still one of my favorites ever.

[amokitty] So why doesn't Marvel get a clue and bring her back?

[Kirayoshi] Did you catch Madripoor Rose's story?

[Xakko] no, that's the only one who isn't. :(

[Kirayoshi] I'm bouncing mine off of hers

[oldprydefan] Heh. You should see what I do in RP. I think I do that in a week sometimes. .

[JHarper] Thanks, OPF. :)

[JHarper] Yow!

[Xakko] You'd think Illyana would be fun for someone to write. Maybe no one has pitched Quesada a good enough "return" story?

[JHarper] I'm sorry about Rose. She's very good herself.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, our group moves really fast. And they write a LOT.

[amokitty] Sorry, but Madripoor Rose didn't want to be spoiled on Astonishing. I told her a transcript would be available tomorrow if she changed her mind about being spoiled.

[Kirayoshi] I hear she's working on her alternate Secret Wars story

[oldprydefan] Illyana would be so much fun to write. I honestly don'tunderstand why they won't bring her back.

[JHarper] Odd that she hasn't come back, yet. But then, Marvel seems to neglect the New Mutants.

[liafaile] Maybe they don't think Illyana has a big enough fan base for some reason.

[JHarper] They're only just bringing out a collection of the first eight or nine issues a few months from now.

[oldprydefan] See, now I think she has a huge fan base.

[JHarper] You think with all the X-Men titles they are reprinting, NM would be an obvious Essential.

[amokitty] MP told me of an idea for a dark story involving Kitty w/ Daniel the Chicago cop ./

[anhayla1] She's such a complex and interesting character. So much could be written.

[Kirayoshi] Daniel will figure in my story.

[oldprydefan] Definitely. And Illyana's just a blast to write, period. So much fun.

[Xakko] I thought they were getting Essentials soon

[JHarper] Sometimes you just have to let out a dark story.

[JHarper] Don't know. Wouldn't surprise me. Marvel is doing 24 of them this year.

[oldprydefan] Dark stories are some of the most fun ones to write.

[JHarper] The collection I read about is a full color one.

[JHarper] Well, I'll admit Deathless is not repleat with fun and shiny moments.

[anhayla1] But the cut scenes....

[Kirayoshi] Yeah, like those

[oldprydefan] No, neither is PF. And eventually, when I finish it, it'll get worse before it gets better.

[anhayla1] That's gonna hurt.

[amokitty] We'll never see any dark stories in continuity, unfortunately. They seem to be the most character driven ones, I think.

[oldprydefan] It'll be good for them in the long run.

[Kirayoshi] I'd like to see a tpb of the Demon Bear arc

[JHarper] That's good to hear.

[anhayla1] Oh, I have no doubt, Susan. :)

[oldprydefan] They've kind of given up on characterization in the comics in favor of drama and blowing things up.

[JHarper] I take it everyone liked Dreams of Fire. ;)

[Kirayoshi] I'm not the biggest Seinkewicz fan in the world but that was a good story.

[Xakko] Bloodline was dark.

[LoneWolf21] There is actually a trade, it's out of print

[LoneWolf21] it even has a forward by Sienkiewicz

[Kirayoshi] They need to update that one.

[anhayla1] Don't think I saw that one

[JHarper] If you're raving about cut scenes in Deathless.

[Kirayoshi] Maybe a digest version

[amokitty] Loved Dreams of Fire! If only Joss would read that, and get inspired!

[Xakko] Dreams of Fire was wonderful

[JHarper] Heh. :)

[LoneWolf21] I think Young Justice would be perfect for a digest

[anhayla1] Oh! I'm so slow.

[amokitty] My typing sucks.

[anhayla1] Yes, of course. I thought trade?

[Kirayoshi] From what we saw of them in AXM 13, they're relationship is moving along a a brisk pace

[oldprydefan] I just blame my keyboard for being uncooperative.

[JHarper] Anyhow, how's everyone's writing moving along? No problems, I hope.

[oldprydefan] Which is right in line with them. Kitty moves fast.

[amokitty] But will we see what happens after that Kiss in Peter's bedroom? *sigh* doubt it.

[anhayla1] That's our girl!

[JHarper] Well, 25 real years and 7 or 8 Marvel years is a long time to wait. :)

* anhayla1 looks pointedly ar writersin room

[anhayla1] Just sayin

[amokitty] Hah! LOL.

[oldprydefan] I blame all the Marvel writers for their slowness.

[Xakko] I write about 30 minutes a day at work on lunch.

[Kirayoshi] Are you issuing a challenge, anhayla?

[LoneWolf21] Slow as ever

[LoneWolf21] games get in the way

* anhayla1 need a typist, too

[JHarper] I'm too slow myself. Glad to see you're keeping a regular schedule, Xakko. I need to do that, too. :/

[oldprydefan] Games do get in the way.

[anhayla1] Ummm,

[amokitty] anhayla is a great writer as well. She's working on a story that fits in with the current Astonishingplot now.

[JHarper] I'm hoping to finish Deathless before it turns two years old this year, but I'm not sure I'll make it.

[liafaile] That's great! I can't wait to read it!

[JHarper] That's cool. I hope to see it soon. I'll definitely give it a read.

[oldprydefan] I think Paper Flowers hit that mark a while ago.

[anhayla1] You have a point. may go rework it

[JHarper] I got to admit, the quality of the Kiotr stuff on FFNet is surprisingly good.

[oldprydefan] It is. It's very pleasing to see.

<-- liafaile has left #KIOTR

[Xakko] it's nice to stories that aren't romy...

[JHarper] Lia's work, Xakko's, K's, Rose's. All pretty good.

[Kirayoshi] If only whoever runs the Kiotr group would update.

[amokitty] If you could have any artist draw your stories, who would it be?

[Kirayoshi] the group only has one story, Deathless

[JHarper] I have a fondness for Alan Davis, myself.

[anhayla1] Which Kiotr group? the one at

[JHarper] Is there one at FFNet?

[Kirayoshi] yeah, the C2 they started there.

[JHarper] I don't pay attention to the C2s that much.

[Xakko] thanks, Jeremy...

[anhayla1] I just joined that one

[oldprydefan] I have to admit, I'm a sucker for Land's art. Even if I do end up playing 'what celebrity is Sue Storm this week'.

[JHarper] Just speaking the truth. :) I liked your reasoning about Kitty and Wisdom.

[JHarper] Cripes, makes me wish I could write Cold Steel sometime in the future.

[amokitty] Paul Smith is God.

[JHarper] Lia's fond of Smithy. :)

[anhayla1] Yes, Paul Smith. Definitely.

--> Guest2233 has joined #KIOTR

[Kirayoshi] I enjoyed his art on the Kitty Pryde mini

[oldprydefan] I really can't complain about Cassady, though. He's done better than 95% of the rest.

[anhayla1] He drew the attic scene, yes?

[Kirayoshi] The attic scene, yes

[JHarper] Wish the writing was better, though.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was him.

[JHarper] It was.

[Kirayoshi] The scene that led to probably led to Jim Shooter shouting, "BREAK EM UP!"

[Xakko] that or the Dracula annual...

* anhayla1 kicks shooter again

[JHarper] I'm still of the opinion Shooter didn't know Claremont established Peter as 18, 19.

[oldprydefan] Jim Shooter...we have so much to thank him for. Or not.

[amokitty] If only Cassaday would draw Peter a little beter...

<-- Guest2233 has left #KIOTR

[JHarper] I like Cassaday's unarmored Peter, though his armored one looks a bit off.

[anhayla1] Well, Siberia is a stones throw from Mongolia... lol

[Xakko] gah, it's 12:15! I have to be up in 5 1/2 hours...

[JHarper] Get's damn late quick.

[Kirayoshi] Someone complained that Cassaday's Piotr looks like Yao Ming!

[Xakko] It's been wonderful chatting with all of you- thank you so much to Amokitty for organizing this...

[oldprydefan] Ouch. Yeah, that's what it is here,too. Sleep fast.

[amokitty] Time's flown by...

[Kirayoshi] Evening, Xak

[oldprydefan] Great talking to you, Xakko!

[Xakko] good night!

[anhayla1] It as wonderful meeting you!

[JHarper] Take it easy, Xakko. :)

[amokitty] Would you all like to do this again, sometime?

[JHarper] I wonder where Lia got off to? :/

[anhayla1] Please!

[oldprydefan] Definitely.

[Kirayoshi] sure

[amokitty] Good night, Xak.

[JHarper] Yesh. :)

--> liafaile has joined #KIOTR

[oldprydefan] I need to drag my Logan player in. He's a big Kiotr fan, too.

[JHarper] Ah. Speak of the devil. :) Hey sweetie.

[anhayla1] Hi Lia!

<-- Xakko has left #KIOTR

[liafaile] Hey. Sorry about that. Internet connection sucks here.

[amokitty] Good. next time maybe we can dicuss X-3 and Ultimate X-Men. Do you like Peter being gay?

[Kirayoshi] One of these days we should try a Kiotr round-robin

[JHarper] Peter being gay in Ultimate bugs me. I'm ashamed to say it, but it does. :/

[liafaile] No! Cause it means no Ultimate Kiotrness!

* anhayla1 weeps for the injustice of peter being gay

[oldprydefan] No. I'm not good with Gay!Piotr.

[JHarper] That could be fun. That's how Lia and I wrote our stories.

[amokitty] sorry, Lia. It's pretty humble, but next time will be greatly improved.

[LoneWolf21] I don't mind it. Different character, after all

[Kirayoshi] I don't mind it, but I suspect it might limit him.

[JHarper] It makes me feel like a bigot, saying that, but Peter's a character I've always identified with, and that change just bugged me.

[liafaile] No, I meant my connectivity, not the site. I'm not at my home, so my computer's being wonky.

[Kirayoshi] And in the Ultimate Universe, Kitty still hooks up with a guy named Peter!

[oldprydefan] I agree. It does me, too, and it has nothing to do with his sexual orientation but with the character himself.

[LoneWolf21] Now if they had done some story with Kitty trying to *change* hin, yeah I'd be bugged

[anhayla1] It's a stereotype. Oooh, let's make the big, gorgeous, body builder gay.

[JHarper] Yeah, he is a different character. You know, I had hopes for him. I was hoping they were going to portray him as a Spenser-style tough guy with a heart of gold.

[oldprydefan] And let's make him crush on Logan.

[amokitty] It's not right, is it? Peter does NOT need to be w/Northstar!

[JHarper] That sounds like Millar's mind set. He's Garth Ennis light, without the intellect or honest audacity.

[oldprydefan] No. I honestly don't have any words for Peter and JP. I love JP dearly, but that does not compute.

[JHarper] Lia told me they're thinking about hooking Ultimate Peter with Ultimate Kurt.

[Kirayoshi] Just because they're the two gay characters, that don't mean they automatically have to hook up!

[JHarper] My thoughts exactly, K.

[liafaile] No, the solicitation made it sound like they might. Kurt's straight.

[oldprydefan] Oh lord. Ok, there goes another subscription out the window.

[JHarper] Ah.

[amokitty] You know, normally I don't mind seeing some hot man-on-man action *blushes*, but Peter has been straight for 20 yrs. It's how I'll always see him.

[Kirayoshi] I mean, that was the same logic that brought us Willow/Kennedy, the worst couple in the whole Buffyverse!

[LoneWolf21] Nah, I don't think they're hooking up Kurt and Peter

[amokitty] I still miss Tara...

[JHarper] Hey, I thought there was no season 7. ;)

[anhayla1] And you should see how Russia has historically treated gays. Not pretty.

[oldprydefan] There isn't. Season 7 does not exist.

[Kirayoshi] I'm in the minority, but I wanted to see Willow hook up with Buffy!

[JHarper] We all got our windmills to tilt at, K. :)

[Kirayoshi] For one thing it would have spared us from Spike-with-a-soul!

[amokitty] But... but... Buffy belongs with Angel! Right?

[LoneWolf21] But it did give us the last season if Angel

[JHarper] AmoKitty, have you ever read any Manly Wade Wellman?

[oldprydefan] I think so.

[liafaile] Right! After all, they're the Buffyverse version of Kitty and Peter.

[Kirayoshi] I see Angel and Buffy as a logical plotline, but it ran its course.

[anhayla1] Would they be called Bungel

[LoneWolf21] Which gave us "You're a wee little puppet man!" and "I kinda want to slay the dragon."

[amokitty] Yes, I have. His stories remind me of strories I grew up with.

[oldprydefan] Bangel?

[Kirayoshi] I have issues regarding Illyria.

[JHarper] Ah ha! I had a feeling. :) When you mentioned the Raven Mockers in your review of the last chapter of Deathless.

[Kirayoshi] She killed Fred, destroyed her soul and the gang welcome her in with open arms?

[oldprydefan] Eh, characterization was out the window totally by that point anyway.

[amokitty] I'm Cherokee, so I know the legends well Jeremy. :)

[JHarper] Sounds like the Avengers being okay with Carol Danvers getting mind and body raped by her own son.

[Kirayoshi] Every day that Angel doesn't kill Illyria, he spits in Fred's memory!

[JHarper] Yeah, I figured that, as well. :)

[liafaile] I liked Illyria, though I missed Fred. I guess I didn't mind her because she didn't really want to be there either. Knox forced her into the body, I thought.

[JHarper] But I just had a feeling. Anyone who loves American folklore, Indian or Southern, usually runs across Wellman. :)

[anhayla1] Speaking of Whedonverses, I was so amused by how much Kitty sounded like the dausghter of Mal and Wash in AXM13.

[Kirayoshi] Making her an ally was a mistake.

[Kirayoshi] Illyria, I mean, not Kitty

[amokitty] Marcus, huh? Shooter wrote that Avengers story.

[JHarper] Did he? I know Claremont wasn't happy with it. Ms. Marvel was one of his babies, IIRC.

[amokitty] Shooter is a God-awful writer.

[oldprydefan] Whedon's stuff tends to 'leak'. I've noticed it with almost everything he does. It's funny.

[Kirayoshi] Leak?

[JHarper] Happens with any writer, especially if they are prolific.

[oldprydefan] Shooter was a horrid writer. About the only character he did decently well was Ben Grimm.

[anhayla1] It does. Into my speech as well. I've added "not so much" to my vocabulry. :)

[oldprydefan] His characterizations from one genre leak over to the others.

[JHarper] Themes and personalities shifting from one story to the other.

[LoneWolf21] Didn't he do some LSH stuff?

[JHarper] Yeah. When he was 14. Heard it wasn't half-bad, but I'm not much of a DC fan.

[oldprydefan] God, I find myself using so much Buffy-speak sometimes.

[Kirayoshi] Guilty here.

[anhayla1] And a smattering of Chinese profanity. ;)

[amokitty] I'm still pissed about Wasp being abused.

[oldprydefan] Kitty's the worst. She ends up soundlike Buffy if I'm tired.

[JHarper] Grrrr... Not a bright moment for Hank, either.

[oldprydefan] No. Poor Hank.

[anhayla1] That makes total sense. nad it's true to Joss's characterization. ;)

[Kirayoshi] Howard Mackie did that with Peter and MJ once!

[JHarper] And he still hasn't gotten past it. Busiek and Johns buried that demon, and then that hack Austin exhumed it.

[Kirayoshi] Talk about stupid!

[amokitty] Totally calm. Only exceeded by her coolness... Love Joss' dialogue.

[JHarper] Mackie, I heard, was the anti-Christ. :)

[Kirayoshi] No, just a hack writer

[Kirayoshi] What Chuck Austin was to the X-Men

[anhayla1] Loved that. ;)

[JHarper] Yowza.

[Kirayoshi] didn't do Superman any favors either.

[oldprydefan] Austen. I say we declare everything he did an hallucination.

[JHarper] Oh God. What was his name, the Kryptonian racist supremist rapist?

[Kirayoshi] (Emma)...I'm wearing your favorite outfit...

[oldprydefan] Actually, let's do that with Milligan, too.

[amokitty] Draco! Somebody get the torches!!!

[oldprydefan] That's from Morrison.

[Kirayoshi] No, Draco was Austin

[liafaile] Don't remind me of that story! I tried so hard to forget!

[Kirayoshi] Morrison just screwed over Magneto and broke up Scott and Jean for good

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I thought the Emma thing was Morrison's, though.

[JHarper] Here's a question - how do you go about writing the various X-folk? Do you have a method when you do so? I know I do with Peter.

[Kirayoshi] I loved Morrison's run on JLA, but didn't like his X-Men.

[anhayla1] Peter comes very easy for me, strangely enough.

[oldprydefan] I'm not sure you'd call it a method. But I guess I have a certain mindset for each of them.

[JHarper] Draco was bad, from everything I've heard.

[Kirayoshi] I hear certain voices for each character.

[oldprydefan] Draco far beyond bad there's not a word for it.

[amokitty] Good question Jeremy. Anhayla and I have discussed what it takes to get a character's "voice". It's no small feat.

[liafaile] Kitty's the easiest for me. I usually write the dialogue first, then fill it in with narration.

[JHarper] That would be a method. I talked about my method on CBRF a year or so ago.

[anhayla1] Kitty tends to sound like me, so i have to go back and edit her.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, Kitty's definitely the easiest. Then Peter. Then probably Rogue.

[JHarper] And your dialogue is incredible. I can't say that enough, Lia.

[liafaile] Thanks sweetie.:)

[Kirayoshi] I just get sick of people who try to write dialogue.

[oldprydefan] I admire anyone that does really good dialogue. It's probably my weakest point.

[JHarper] Peter's the easiest for me. Then Kitty. Though I try very hard not to make Kitty just an accessory to Peter. I hope I succeed.

[Kirayoshi] For some reason I've seen several stories where Piotr sounds like Boris Badenov!

[JHarper] Dialogue can put me into coniptions.

[anhayla1] Moose and Squirrel?

[JHarper] I speak but the truth. :)

[Kirayoshi] Exactly!

[amokitty] the accent is very Borsht. Isn't it?

[LoneWolf21] accents are tough

[oldprydefan] I do interalization, action, description, no problem. Dialogue kills me sometimes.

[JHarper] I don't touch accents.

[Kirayoshi] The X-Men shouldn't really have accents, not the "all-new, all-different" team anyway.

[LoneWolf21] Next time I'm tempted to just have the characters speak regularly

[JHarper] Why I don't write Gambit in an accent.

[oldprydefan] I...yeah. Rogue's is about the only one. And that's because I live in the south, and I Know what she sounds like.

[Kirayoshi] Xavier telepathically taught them English(and other languages as well), so they would speak fluently

[JHarper] I speak but the truth, my sweet. :)

[LoneWolf21] Sam and Rahne can be hard

[Kirayoshi] any accents would be very subtle and not really something that would be written.

[oldprydefan] Exactly, but most people don't think about that, and try to throw accents on Peter, Ororo, and Kurt.

[LoneWolf21] I like to have Doug slip into random japanese as a personal thing

[anhayla1] I agree

[liafaile] Yeah, Rahne and Moira are always hard for me. Scottish accents are tricky.

[Kirayoshi] Logan did that in AXM 13!

[amokitty] I'm originally from Oklahoma. The accent is there, but it generally gets stereotyped.

[LoneWolf21] Somewhat like the chinese in Firefly

[JHarper] Well, the way I go about writing Peter - I use Spenser as model. I see Peter in some ways as a younger, shyer, less sure of himself Spenser.

[anhayla1] Have you seen the X-outtakes where Halle Berry changes Ororo's accent like 5 times in one scene. Funny.

[JHarper] I don't know if you'd call that the correct way of characterizing him, but I like it better than some of the wishy-washy, crybaby portrayals I've read.

[Kirayoshi] Would that make Logan Hawk?

[oldprydefan] I tend to go on instinct, I guess. I'm notsure how to even describe it.

[JHarper] Heh. Hawk would be a good model for Logan. :)

[JHarper] Actually, if I'm writing Evo, then Gambit's Hawk.

[Kirayoshi] Logan is a modern-day ronin.

[Kirayoshi] That's how I see him.

[JHarper] X-3 scares me. I don't know if I'm going to see it.

[amokitty] the Spenser model is a good one. It makes Peter a little more complex. He's definitely been short on dialogue lately.

[Kirayoshi] Loyal chiefly to himself but holding to the Bushido code of honor.

[JHarper] That's a good way of seeing him.

[LoneWolf21] I've written very litle Gambit, Wolverine was kinda like the rough uncle

[oldprydefan] That definitely works for Logan.

[amokitty] X-3 scares the hell out me!

[LoneWolf21] I like Domino as the Den Mom from heck though

[oldprydefan] Gambit kills me. I have Such a hard time getting into his head.

[anhayla1] I think it was from X1

[Kirayoshi] My brother's a film critic for the Salt Lake Tribune

[Kirayoshi] I'll wait until I see his review.

[JHarper] It sounds like a cluster-fuck, to be perfectly blunt. I wish they waited for Singer.

[amokitty] I'm really worried about this "Last Stand".

[oldprydefan] I totally agree.

[JHarper] That's fair. We could be surprised.

[Kirayoshi] For some reason I see Gambit and I hear Harry Connick Jr.

[oldprydefan] I'm afraid of X-3. Seriously afraid.

[anhayla1] I like that.

[LoneWolf21] I try write Sam as a basic everyman

[oldprydefan] I hear Gambit from TAS. .

[liafaile] Me too.

[Kirayoshi] When I write Pete Wisdom in my Family Reunions story, I see him as kind of like Wes from later Angel seasons.

[amokitty] Any truth to the rumors of peter being bi?

[JHarper] ? In the movie, or comics?

[oldprydefan] I struggle with Pete, too. A lot.

[amokitty] Movie.

[JHarper] No idea. :/

[liafaile] In the movie? None but Canada Mag, and even they said it didn't sound true.

[Kirayoshi] They're relying too much on the Ultimate X-Men, sounds like.

[JHarper] Whew! Glad to hear that.

[Kirayoshi] We'll see if they hook up Kitty with Spider-Man in X4!

[oldprydefan] And Ultimate is leaking into 616. Not in a good way.

[amokitty] Anyone seen more movie spoilers about Peter having crushes on Rogue AND Logan?

[JHarper] LOL!

[JHarper] Yuck!

[LoneWolf21] It is?

[oldprydefan] Please tell me you're joking?

[JHarper] I don't want Brokeback Mountain in my X-Men movie!

[LoneWolf21] the ultimate slipping into 616

[Kirayoshi] Considering that they're bringing in Gwen in Spider-Man 3, and possibly Felicia Hardy...

[Kirayoshi] I'm thinking Petey's gonna be busy!

[anhayla1] Poor boy sounds confused..

[JHarper] I haven't noticed it, myself. I think Marvel has done a good job keeping the two seperate.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, Ultimate seems to be leaking into mainstream a bit. Bobby/Rogue in mainstream scares me horribly.

[amokitty] I agree, Susan. 616 is getting Ultimized, because the movies themselves have been Ultimate oriented. Kitty/Bobby anyone?

[Kirayoshi] Not to mention the Bobby/Rogue/Kitty triangle

[amokitty] yep.

[liafaile] Didn't those two flirt a bit back in the 90's?

[JHarper] Well, they sorta had that in the early ninties, so there is precident.

[Kirayoshi] On the plus side, maybe they'll cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury!

[oldprydefan] Now, that I could deal with.

[liafaile] Better than asking David Hasselhoff back for Fury.

[amokitty] I thought it was Rogue and Bobby flirting during their road trip together.

[anhayla1] Lia, I was about to say the same thing

[oldprydefan] They had a friendship back in the 90's, when Rogue was insane from all the crap she absorbed from Remy.

[JHarper] Besides, do we really want to get back on the Romy merry-go-round?

[Kirayoshi] Wash your mouth out with Diet Pepsi, Lia!

[amokitty] Oh God... Hasslehoff...

[JHarper] Heh heh.

[JHarper] Use Jackson as Nick Fury only if there are snakes on the Helicarrier. :)

[liafaile] LOL!

[Kirayoshi] I heard about that movie.

[liafaile] Snakes On A Plane is going to rock hard.

[Kirayoshi] Didn't they do that on SNL with John Goodman?

[JHarper] Well, as long as 616 Peter/Kitty remain as they are, I can't complain too much. Ultimately, those are the only versions I care about.

[anhayla1] Oooh, can we dream cast AXM?

[Kirayoshi] Oh, you're gonna LOVE #13, J!

[oldprydefan] Same here. The movieverse doesn't do much for me and Ultimate doesn't either.

[JHarper] :) I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, hopefully.

[anhayla1] #13 rocks!

[oldprydefan] Yes. Yes it does. It rocks hard.

[amokitty] Question about astonishing. do you think Hisako is the traitor? I don't. I think she wants to be an X-Man so bad that she wouldn't DREAM of doing it.

[liafaile] Both universes feel too cold for me. It's missing the heart.

[JHarper] You know, there's a writer named Darkstorm 5000 that does some real good Movie fic. And movie Kiotr.

[oldprydefan] I don't think I've ever squeed through an entire comic before.

[anhayla1] I loved her line about not making the team, ever

[oldprydefan] Yes, Darkstorm does them Very well.

[JHarper] Ultimate is too damn Alan Moore-ish. Sometimes I wish someone ran a stake though Moore's heart back in the eighties.

[Kirayoshi] Loved how she muttered in Japanese, only to have Logan reply in Japanese!

[liafaile] I hope not. Hisako's too good of a character to turn traitor. I like her a lot.

[oldprydefan] I don't think Hisakois the traitior.

[Kirayoshi] I disagree with you on Moore, J.

[JHarper] Your third favorite on the Astonishing book.

[amokitty] I couldn't believe it when I saw it. My hands started shaking... Ah, Romance!!

[Kirayoshi] His post-90s stuff was some of his best work ever!

[LoneWolf21] I'm going with the Blindfold suspicion

[JHarper] Oh, I'm not really serious. Moore is incredible, and I shouldn't blame him for the idiots who aped him.

[liafaile] Yeah, she's been mentioned too often to not play a role later on.

[anhayla1] I squeed so loud I scared the cat.LOL!

[amokitty] How does Tildie fit into all of this? I wanna know NOW.

[JHarper] I'm a fan of League of Extradordinary Gentlemen.

[Kirayoshi] He's weird, I'll grant you that.

[Kirayoshi] But sometimes genius goes hand-in-hand with wierdness!

[amokitty] Joss is evil for draing this mystery out so long!

[Kirayoshi] I'm looking forward to The Dark Dossier later this year.

[JHarper] A writer named John Wick once wrote a story about the Queer Guys making over Alan Moore. I heard it was hilarious.

[Kirayoshi] Alan Moore vs the Fab Five? Sounds like a Rumbles board!

[JHarper] I heard he's writing an erotic series dealing with the sexual adventures of Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy.

[Kirayoshi] Lost Girls

[JHarper] Yup. That's it.

[Kirayoshi] He and Melinda Gebbie started that years ago

[Kirayoshi] I think the publisher went under after just a few issues

[JHarper] Ah. It's out? Didn't know that.

[Kirayoshi] They finally finished it and the hardback will be out later this year.

[JHarper] Huh. Interesting.

[oldprydefan] I'll just be happy for Astonishing being back on the regular title list.

[JHarper] I hope they convince Whedon to stay on for another 12. Or twenty-four. Or more. :)

[Kirayoshi] I understand that Joe Quesada announced that AXM will continue post-Joss.

[amokitty] I'm also wondering if Jean is Perfection and wearing a White Queen outfit under the cloak.

[Kirayoshi] I'm thinking Madelyne Pryor.

[liafaile] I was thinking Maddy,

[Kirayoshi] brb

[JHarper] Be stupid not to continue it. I think it'll still outsell the other X-Titles for a while after Whedon leaves.

[liafaile] But if Emma's halucenating, then maybe it's just a projection of herself under there

[amokitty] If it was a White Queen get up, then it's payback time.

[Kirayoshi] Could be.

[JHarper] Well, Emma in a madhouse fills Lia with warm, happy thoughts. Doesn't it, my sweet? ;)

[oldprydefan] I keep trying to guess, but I can't figure that one out.

[Kirayoshi] I read that Claremont wanted to do a Hellfire Club story for the New Excalibur, but Joss asked him not to.

[liafaile] Awww. That thought will give me the nicest of dreams.:)

[amokitty] Joss would easily have priority.

[Kirayoshi] I'd like to see Emma turn against the new HFC, just so that all her development won't go to waste.

[liafaile] Anyone know who might replace Joss on Astonishing? I heard Ellis was a favorite.

[oldprydefan] Joss has obviously been building up to this from the beginning. I don't think they'd derail him.

[Kirayoshi] Another theory:

[Kirayoshi] Perfection is Lady Mastermind.

[JHarper] In some ways, I feel bad for the way Claremont gets his stuff shot down, after he created Marvel's biggest cashcow after Spider-Man, but on the other hand, I think the brain eater's got him a long while back.

[oldprydefan] I want Ellis back on UFF. Anywhere else would be a bonus at this point.

[Kirayoshi] And is responsible for Kitty's daytime nightmare!

[amokitty] It's hard to imagine Shaw taking orders from ANYONE.

[JHarper] Do any of you want Ellis anywhere near Kitty ever again?

[amokitty] Sure. Just so long as Pete's not around I'm fine.

[anhayla1] Big NO!

[Kirayoshi] Only if he leaves John Constantine Lite at home.

[anhayla1] LOL

[Kirayoshi] He at least gave Kitty some backbone.

[oldprydefan] I don't mind him near her so much. He let her grow up. Just as long as they keep Pete in England.

[anhayla1] I don't trust him

[Kirayoshi] Like I said: I like Pete Wisdom and I like Kitty Pryde.

[amokitty] But with Sage? What's CC been smoking?

[Kirayoshi] I also like tuna fish sandwiches and I like Hershey bars.

[JHarper] You know, I wouldn't have minded it so much if Ellis hadn't written Peter the way he did, like he was a mindless savage. :/

[anhayla1] ANd he'ss have to learn how to write Peter

[Kirayoshi] I just don't want a Tuna S'more!

[oldprydefan] I think it's time to send CC to the old writers home.

[JHarper] Ewww!

[anhayla1] whoa, what was that?

[Kirayoshi] My point exactly.

[Kirayoshi] The tuna/hershey bar metaphor.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, my biggest gripe with Ellis was the way he brought Peter in.

[JHarper] Brain eater's got him. Just like he got Heinlein and Herbert.

[anhayla1] giggle

[oldprydefan] Ellis did wonders for Kitty, Rahne, and Meggan in his run. Peter, not so much at all.

[liafaile] Yeah, that was the most poorly written moment of Peter's history. Out of character and something people still hold against him.

[JHarper] I wanted to write an Alt, called Cold Steel, where Peter just walks away when he sees Wisdom and Kitty, realizing that there's no place for him there.

[oldprydefan] The Kete writers Never Let It GO.

[Kirayoshi] They need Piotr to be a heel to prop up their favorite!

[JHarper] But research would kill me.

[amokitty] I liked the way Ellis wrote Amanda. Had her involved with a good storyline too. Amanda's in Limbo now. No pun intended.

[JHarper] Neither do us Kiotr writers. ;)

[oldprydefan] You know, I can see him being hurt. Even upset, given how they left things. Attacking Pete and trying to kill him? Uh-uh.

[JHarper] I'm familiar with that ploy from Ranma 1/2 fan fiction.

[Kirayoshi] You ever read Fun with Stones?

[JHarper] What's that one?

[Kirayoshi] I stumbled onto that one at Kuba's site.

[oldprydefan] I read that one!

[liafaile] I read that. It was good, and it treated Peter fairly and with respect.

[Kirayoshi] Alternate #92. Instead of wailing on Pete, Piotr took him aside and gave him his blessing.

[amokitty] I should read this...

[JHarper] That works.

[Kirayoshi] He then took two small rocks, turned to armor and crushed them in his hands, saying, "But if you hurt her..."

[JHarper] Heh.

[anhayla1] Well, guys. it's been so much fun, but 5am comes way to quick hee too.

[Kirayoshi] Oh, and a nice scene at the end where he and Kitty reaffirmed their friendship.

[JHarper] Take it easy. :)

[anhayla1] Good night, all!

[Kirayoshi] Take care.

[oldprydefan] My take on Kitty, and the one I have the most issue with as far as other writers, is that she will never, ever be completely over Peter. Pete or no Pete.

[amokitty] It was wonderful of you to come Anhayla. Talk to you soon!

[oldprydefan] G'night!

[Kirayoshi] I can see that.

[Kirayoshi] You never get over your first love

[liafaile] Goodnight!

[JHarper] I think that they just complement each other so well that no one else may be able to measure up. But then, I'm biased. ;)

[oldprydefan] No. And they have too much history. She Can be in other relationships and that still be true. Without Peter being a monster.

[Kirayoshi] Hear hear!

[JHarper] It bugs me how two, way out of character moments hang on him so damn heavily at times.

<-- anhayla1 has left #KIOTR

[oldprydefan] Oh, I totally agree. Kitty & Piotr just blend. It's almost inevitable.

[Kirayoshi] Considering the number of alternate universes where they end up together!

[amokitty] Kitty and Peter have been through hell and back together. This can't be ignored. They have ahistory and always will. I'll keep thinking this when the next writer comes along to break them up. I just hope it ain't over Peter Jr.

[JHarper] Grrrr...

[Kirayoshi] Seriously, I bet there's some Kiotr in a page from Marvel Zombies!

[oldprydefan] Same here. If the only way the Kete people, especially, can justify her being with Pete is for Peter to be insane, what does that say?

[JHarper] Ewwww! I don't want to think about that.

[JHarper] Doesn't say much for Pete's good qualities. :/

[liafaile] I'd bet they'd look cute together, even as zombies.

[oldprydefan] Nope. Or what they think of the merits of the pairing itself.

[JHarper] I'm curious to how Pete's going to react when he finds out just how far Peter and Kitty's relationship has progressed in your story, K.

[oldprydefan] They probably would. They're pretty cute together where ever and whatever they are.

[JHarper] Very true.

[Kirayoshi] I had an idea about Kitty 'round that time.

[Kirayoshi] Maybe she stuck with Pete because, having deceived Piotr during his time with the Acolytes, she felt that she didn't deserve him.

[amokitty] There ya go.

[JHarper] Hmmmm...

[oldprydefan] There's...tons of guilt there, I think, for her.

[Kirayoshi] They both hurt each other, but he was being honest with her about Zsaji

[amokitty] That was actually a story that Lobdell get right.

[Kirayoshi] She knew she was lying ot him.

[liafaile] I always felt it was because she had been hurt so badly in such a short amount of time, and she felt she had to become someone else to escape it. Pete seemed like an escape for her, someone who wasn't tied to her past.

[Kirayoshi] She was trying to change herself.

[JHarper] Yeah. The thing is, though, I don't want to dismiss her relationship with Wisdom just out of hand, either.

[Kirayoshi] She didn't want to be the 'good girl'.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, I totally agree, Lia. There's a Lot of hurt for her connected with Piotr around that time.

[JHarper] I think Pete was probably good for her in some ways.

[Kirayoshi] How would Joss handle Pete?

[amokitty] Kitty really loved Pete, but I could never imagine that ship lasting.

[Kirayoshi] Would he write him like Spike or like Wes?

[oldprydefan] No, Pete was good for her. And it shouldn't be dismissed. I think that was kind of where she learned about being an adult in a relationship, and that it wasn't so easy.

[JHarper] They probably would get on their nerves too much to last.

[oldprydefan] Pete is more Spike-like, to me.

[amokitty] Spike. No doubt about it.

[Kirayoshi] I'm thinking Wes, when he became more of a bad-boy.

[liafaile] Me too. Spike's voice is the one I used when I read Wisdom in New Excalibur

[Kirayoshi] Wes, circa Angel season 3.

[amokitty] Does anyone likeCC's interpretation of Wisdom?

[JHarper] I think Wes is too proper for Wisdom. But, I'm not familiar with later Wes, so I can't say too much.

[Kirayoshi] I liked seeing Kitty giving him the brush-off!

[oldprydefan] I'm not really fond of it, but it's not as bad as I imagined.

[amokitty] Me too!

[Kirayoshi] Later Wes developed an edge.

[liafaile] I don't like how CC has him use the word 'petal' in every other sentence.

[Kirayoshi] He even turned against Angel for awhile.

[amokitty] The language is not quite right.

[oldprydefan] No. Pete should never, ever say 'petal'. It's wrong.

[JHarper] Well, Pete didn't have the excuse of being a prisoner and tortured by an alien madman for two year for not calling her to say 'I'm alive!'

[amokitty] Pete has a ruthless streak in him. Claremont's not showing this.

[Kirayoshi] Yeah, 'wanker' maybe, not 'petal'

[oldprydefan] He's not. He's writing him as too 'soft'.

[oldprydefan] Wanker. Sod. Assorted other expletives.

[liafaile] Very true. But CC does like to tone the men down so the women can shine. I think he doesn't want Wisdom to overshadow Sage.

[Kirayoshi] How can you not overshadow Sage?

[Kirayoshi] All you have to do is show up!

[JHarper] Snort.

[oldprydefan] Sage can be an awesome character. But not like she's been written the last while.

[oldprydefan] It's just sad.

[Kirayoshi] Anyone remember when Morrison wrote her once?

[Kirayoshi] "I rebooted myself."

[oldprydefan] Barely.

[amokitty] i'm not happy with the way she looks either.

[Kirayoshi] OY!

[JHarper] Heh.

[oldprydefan] No, neither am I.

[Kirayoshi] Does she still have those funky glasses?

[amokitty] Yes.

[oldprydefan] The red ones that she and Kitty built? Yeah.

[Kirayoshi] They need to design unstable molecular electronics.

[JHarper] Here's a question - who do you think is the better writer - Claremont or Marv Wolfman? Both are responsible for singlehandily revitalizing their respective comic book companies, and wrote the hottest properties of the '80s.

[amokitty] Betsy is joining the Exiles. CC is the new writer.

[Kirayoshi] Marv wrote the anti-Kitty!

[JHarper] heh heh. That's very true.

[LoneWolf21] I'm very cautious about that bit of news

[JHarper] I think he was tired of the cracks about writing an X-Men ripoff.

[oldprydefan] Oh dear. Why on earth are they giving him the Exiles?

[amokitty] I was stunned at Terra's betrayal. She slept with Deathstroke!!! Gross!

[Kirayoshi] He said once that he created Terra to look like the team's Kitty, only to be the traitor!

[oldprydefan] Eww.

[liafaile] I hate Terra. On so many levels.

[JHarper] I only know it in retrospect, since I wasn't that big of a comics fan back then, but I can't imagine how shocking that was when it was revealed.

[Kirayoshi] Anyone want to see the inevitable rematch between Nightwing and Deathstroke post OYL?

[amokitty] If only she'd stayed dead....

[amokitty] Yes!

[amokitty] Poor Dick!!!

[JHarper] How did it go? I really can't see anyone non-meta hanging with Deathstroke.

[Kirayoshi] There's a fic at, under Comics/Amalgam, called The Old Switcheroo, where Kitty is a native of the DCU and Terra is a native of Marvel.

[amokitty] I read that!!!

[JHarper] I read that one on your rec. That was very good.

[Kirayoshi] Kitty joins the TT and starts a serious relationship with Changeling, while Terra seduces Piotr while working for Magneto.

[amokitty] susan, do you have any more plot ideas in your brain? Can we look forward to future stories from you?

[Kirayoshi] Meanwhile over at, I read a cool Kitty Pryde/Star Trek crossover.

[amokitty] Jeremy, I'll pose the same question to you, too!

[JHarper] never got into that one.

[oldprydefan] Oh yeah. LOTS of plot ideas. My brain's full of them.

[Kirayoshi] Ideas are easy.

[amokitty] Ha! I read that too! Funny.

[JHarper] Oh. I have tons of ideas. That's the problem. I was thinking about one today.

[oldprydefan] I've actually got a sequel to Paper Flowers Plotted. And a one shot. I just have to actually write them.

[JHarper] I think you'd appreciate this one, Amo - about Kitty and Peter meeting and fighting a Shonokin sorceror.

[oldprydefan] Yeah, exactly. The plots, they're everywhere.

[amokitty] Holy cow!!!

[Kirayoshi] I still want to read a rematch between Kitty and Deadpool.

[JHarper] What else do I have. I have a whole Colossus on-going series plotted in my head.

[Kirayoshi] You told me about that one.

[oldprydefan] Oooh, now I'd Love to see that.

[Kirayoshi] You hear about the X-Men Fairy Tales mini, Harper?

[JHarper] I have Cold Steel, which I mentioned.

[JHarper] No. What was that one?

[amokitty] Kitty needs to beat the shit out of that Looney.

[liafaile] I'm afraid I have to call it a night guys. Thanks for setting this up, Amokitty. I had a lot of fun talking to you all.

[Kirayoshi] Marvel's putting out a four issue mini inspired by Kitty's Fairy Tale.

[JHarper] Okay sweetheart. Talk to you soon. :)

[Kirayoshi] Later, Lia

[JHarper] Heh. i may have to pick that one up. that could be fun.

[liafaile] Night. Take care, everyone.

[amokitty] Lia, thank you for stopping by. We'll do this again, for sure!

[Kirayoshi] The first issue is based on the tale of the Peach Boy.

[JHarper] Huh.

[LoneWolf21] The first story is based on Momotaro, the Peach boy

[amokitty] Bye Lia.

[oldprydefan] G'night!

[LoneWolf21] Which inspired te villians in the 2nd Ranma movie

[LoneWolf21] night Lia!

[JHarper] What else do I have planned. I had an idea for an Evo/Teen Titans crossover, which I think I'd have lots of fun writing.

[Kirayoshi] I think they're reprinting Kitty's Fairy Tale in April, with Hank McCoy's first appearance as the blue-furred Beast.

[amokitty] LW, do you have any more New Mutant stories that you're plotting?

[Kirayoshi] Maybe they'll recast Colossus in an Ilya Muromets tale.

<-- liafaile has left #KIOTR

[oldprydefan] That's still one of my favorite X-Men issues ever.

[JHarper] :) I'd like to see that.

[oldprydefan] I want to do an X-Men/Superman crossover.

[amokitty] simonson's art was gorgeous. His Jean was so beautiful.

[JHarper] I'd like to have the Mingola cover from X-Men Classics as a poster.

[LoneWolf21] I'd like to do a full story on Third Wheel

[Kirayoshi] I'm waiting for Clayton Moore to produce a bust based on the cover for AXM #6!

[amokitty] Claremont wrote a good Robin in that crossover.

[LoneWolf21] there's the aforementioned Mutants, Duengions &Dragons

[oldprydefan] Wouldn't that be nice? I've made that thing into a blue million avatars.

[Kirayoshi] Loved how Peter was jealous of Gar.

[amokitty] I saw the colossus/Superman story on your RPG, Susan. Wonderful.

[JHarper] One last thing - I plan on a series after I finished Deathless, and I was going to make an invite to some of you all to add to it.

[LoneWolf21] Other times it just hits me via inspiration

[Kirayoshi] Cool!

[Kirayoshi] Details!

[oldprydefan] That was Such an impromptu thing.

[JHarper] Well, I don't want to spoil Deathless too much, since it takes place post Deathless.

[amokitty] Your Dinah was so in character! Great stuff, susan.

[Kirayoshi] More Russian mythology or something different?

[Kirayoshi] I still have some ideas for Goblin Wars.

[oldprydefan] I had way too much fun with Dinah. I have way too much fun with most of the NPCs.

[JHarper] Well... I don't suppose it'll be spoiling things if I tell you the fate of Peter. I think you all can guess.

[Kirayoshi] Next chapters I'm going to introduce my Sinister Six

[JHarper] Black Canary?

[oldprydefan] Spoil me!

[oldprydefan] Yes, Black Canary. It was a Danger Room sim.

[amokitty] Yep.

[JHarper] Heh. Probably a good thing she dumped Ollie. What a dog. :)

[amokitty] Siryn vs. Black Canary. awesome.

[Kirayoshi] Oh, J, didja hear who's engaged in DCU now?

[amokitty] Who?

[Kirayoshi] Dick and Babs!

[JHarper] Well, Peter lives. The series I plan on writing after Deathless is going to deal with Peter trying to regain his humanity after what Koschei put him through.

[oldprydefan] GAH!

[Kirayoshi] Don't tell me, you're a Dick/Kory shipper

[amokitty] Wow.

[oldprydefan] Who, me?

[JHarper] I was thinking about inviting some writers I admire to write stories about that process, if they are so interested.

[Kirayoshi] They were cool in the '80s but I think that ship has sailed.

[oldprydefan] Oh, that sounds like a great idea.

[amokitty] I used to ship them in the 80's. Too much has happened now. It's Babs for me.

[Kirayoshi] Count me in, J!

[JHarper] yeah. Lia told me. Surprised me.

[oldprydefan] No, I'm not even Close to a Dick/Babs shipper.

[Kirayoshi] Of course, after OYL all bets are off!

[JHarper] First I have to finish Deathless, though. :/ I'm hoping within the next month or so I'll start The Calm Before...

[Kirayoshi] I mean, I'm hearing rumors that Bruce and Selina may be having a baby!

[amokitty] Please spill, Jeremy!

[JHarper] I'll keep you in mind, K. :)

[JHarper] ? About what?

[JHarper] You were definitely on my list. :)

[amokitty] the Calm Before....

[JHarper] Is it just me, or does DC keep the Bats as isolated as Marvel keeps the X-books.

[oldprydefan] No, it's not just you. They're like their own universe.

[Kirayoshi] They keep the Super-family and the Bat-family in their own little 'verses.

[JHarper] Oh! Well, that's the next chapter of Deathless. It's sorta going to be a reflection of chapter 3, Conversations. The X-Men recooperate in Alaska after rescuing Kitty.

[amokitty] Excellent.

[oldprydefan] Yes, definitely excellent. I look forward to it.

[JHarper] Scott talks with his Grandad. Kitty and Logan have a heart-to-heart about her imprisionment in Koschei's Hall. Hank calls Simon and asks him to prep the Avengers just in case they can't stop Koschei and Peter. Oh yeah, and Emma meets Scott's granddad and feels insecure.

[amokitty] I'd like to know what everyone thinks of Peter Jr./Kid Colossus.

[JHarper] I wish he'd vanish into limbo.

[JHarper] Petty of me, I know.

[Kirayoshi] I'd like to see that addressed, just to show that he's not a deadbeat dad.

[oldprydefan] I wish they'd managed to handle that better all around.

[Kirayoshi] I liked Madripoor Rose's approach in Soul Survivor.

[amokitty] me too.

[JHarper] Yeah. I'm just afraid of how they'll do it.

[JHarper] Rose did a great job.

[Kirayoshi] That she did.

[Kirayoshi] I also liked how playful she made Peter and Kitty, especially after the sex.

[oldprydefan] I think it needs to be addressed, but in a way that won't make even more problems.

[amokitty] Peter Jr. will be back in CC's new series. Ugh.

[JHarper] I need to reread it and leave a review.

[Kirayoshi] Wasn't he in X-Men: The End?

[JHarper] Seriously? Bleah.

[amokitty] yep.

[oldprydefan] Yeah. With Polaris. Which may give me nightmares.

[JHarper] I heard Claremont used him 'cause he didn't know Peter was coming back.

[Kirayoshi] Beats who they're shipping Lorna with now!

[JHarper] Cripes. And people complained about Kitty and Peter...

[JHarper] The age difference, I mean.

[oldprydefan] Which is ok, really. Because at least he missed the butchering most eveyone else got in The End.

[amokitty] Actually, I'm talking about CC's NEW series. NeXt. Storms has a kid too.

[JHarper] Ah.

[Kirayoshi] With T'Challa?

[oldprydefan] I think they justify it by time running differently where the Fall People are.

[amokitty] her name is Becky. don't sound too Wakandan to me..

[Kirayoshi] That was Madripoor's take

[JHarper] I never got the point of these End stories. You really shouldn't take 'em too seriously. They'll never be canon.

[oldprydefan] No, and for that I'm thankful.

[Kirayoshi] I do like the idea of Kitty running for mayor of Chicago.

[JHarper] ARRRGH. That brings to mind another story idea I had in mind.

[amokitty] true. at least it's not 616 continuity.

[oldprydefan] Ha! They're eveywhere. I told you.

[JHarper] ten, twenty years in the future. Kitty's on the Chicago city council. Peter's a successful commercial artist. They got two teenage daughters and living a happy, supers free life.

[JHarper] Then the Right takes over the mall their oldest is at, and they have to go back into action.

[amokitty] Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

[Kirayoshi] Then Syndrome starts taking down the X-Men with his evolving Omnidroids?

[JHarper] Heh heh heh. :)

[Kirayoshi] NO CAPES!

[oldprydefan] No. NO capes.

[Kirayoshi] I had a non-X idea for a fic.

[amokitty] Do tell.

[oldprydefan] I SO want Storm to get sucked into a jet engine by her cape. Just once.

[amokitty] LOL.

[JHarper] God, I loved the Incredibles. I actually don't mind Pixar being bought by Disney, if it means there's achance for an Incredibles 2.

[JHarper] Lia is very ambivelant about Storm these days herself.

[amokitty] Edna was a hoot.

[Kirayoshi] Now that the Supers are back, Violet and Dash need to learn how to develop their powers,.

[JHarper] Makes sense.

[Kirayoshi] So they end up going to Sky High, where Lucious is now a teacher.

[oldprydefan] Oh, I love Storm. Real Storm, not pod Storm that we've seen so much of lately. But I'm entertained by torturing her.

[JHarper] snort.

[Kirayoshi] Meanwhile Royal Pain and her cronies end up joining forces with Syndrome!

[JHarper] Okay, that sounds amusing. :)

[amokitty] So who likes halle as Storm?

[JHarper] Though I haven't seen Sky High yet.

[oldprydefan] No one?

[Kirayoshi] I'd have gone with Iman

[amokitty] Ha!

[Kirayoshi] Sky High was actually pretty cool

[oldprydefan] I keep wanting her wig to eat her and be done with it.

[Kirayoshi] It's got Bruce Campbell, so it's inherently incapable of sucking!

[amokitty] She definitely has the look, doesn't she?

[oldprydefan] And, yes, Iman would've been Such a better choice.

[Kirayoshi] Or Rosario Dawson.

[amokitty] Angela Bassett too.

[JHarper] She's just a non-presence to me. As good as they are, they should have called the X movies Wolverine and Friends. I heard that's what the new cartoon is going to be like.

[oldprydefan] I agree. It's Logan & Company. I love Logan, but not every single place I look.

[amokitty] *sigh* you're so right.

[Kirayoshi] Logan got gene-spliced with Madrox.

[Kirayoshi] That's why he's in every frickin' Marvel title!

[JHarper] I use to dislike Logan a lot, back in the day. Now he's all right. Not my favorite, but all right.

[oldprydefan] Yes he did. He's the incredible multiplying feral.

[amokitty] I like Jackman. But I feel like I'm getting hit over the head with him.

[Kirayoshi] I heard Jackman is in the running to play Harvey Dent in the next Batman

[amokitty] It's just too much.

[JHarper] Scott got shafted in the second movie. :/

[oldprydefan] A good, well written Logan is a thing of beauty. But he doesn't need to be on every single team that exists.

[JHarper] That could be interesting.

[amokitty] He's really gonna get shafted in the new movie.

[Kirayoshi] And Hugo Weaving is being considered for the Joker

[JHarper] I've heard. :/

[oldprydefan] Yes he is. Way shafted.

[JHarper] I like Weaving. That could be interesting.

[Kirayoshi] Whaddya expect, he's played by a cardboard cutout!

[oldprydefan] Well, as long as they don't start out with Samuel L. Jackson as Harvey Dent, then switch to Hugh Jackman, I'm ok with it.

[JHarper] I think X-3 is going to end the movie franchise for five or ten years. :/

[oldprydefan] I think you might be right.

[Kirayoshi] I'll reserve judgement until my brother weighs in.

[amokitty] This is why, I'm sure about this movie. I'm sick of all the deaths in the comics. Now I've got to pay to see it on the big screen as well?

[JHarper] I think Fox lucked out getting two decent X-Men movies, considering how lousy Daredevil, FF and Elektra were.

[amokitty] True.

[oldprydefan] Oh good grief the suck of the FF movie.

[Kirayoshi] FF wasn't great, but I am looking forward to the sequel, for one real reason:

[JHarper] FF was a big disappointment. I didn't feel like I wasted my money, but the FF deserved a lot more granduer.

[Kirayoshi] Galactus

[oldprydefan] Johnny naked save a pink skicoat was the only saving grace.

[JHarper] Seriously? I wonder how'll they'll pull that off.

[amokitty] Cheesy, wasn't it?

[JHarper] Heh. :)

[Kirayoshi] I saw a lame outtake on the DVD.

[JHarper] On the other hand, I like JMS on FF. I think that's a better fit for him than Spider-Man.

[oldprydefan] If they pull Galactus off in a movie, I'll be impressed.

[Kirayoshi] the scene where Reed told Sue, "I guess you wanted a man of action" and morphed his face

[Kirayoshi] In the outtake, he morphed into Hugh Jackman as Logan.

[amokitty] Silver Surfer would be good too.

[JHarper] LOL! That's great.

[Kirayoshi] I recently got my favorite cult film on DVD

[Kirayoshi] Buckaroo Banzai

[oldprydefan] Ha! That is great. Ioan Griffaud was fun in places.

[Kirayoshi] The alternative opening features a cameo by Jamie Lee Curtis

[JHarper] I should hunt that down. Lia sent me Futurama volume one for Valentine's Day.

[amokitty] That's one of my husband's fav movies. Real Genius too.

[amokitty] Are you Lia's Sweetie?

[JHarper] Ummm.. Yeah. :) We try to keep it low key. Though Joey knew.

[JHarper] Low key on line, I mean.

[Kirayoshi] The alternate opening shows a home-movie of four-year-old Buckaroo, watching as his parents' early experiments with the oscilation overthruster exploded, killing them.

[amokitty] Knew it. ;)

* JHarper Blushes

[Kirayoshi] Things that make you go HMM!!!

[JHarper] Yow!

[amokitty] That would explain the chemistry you have as writers when you collaborate. I knew it!!

[Kirayoshi] Hey, guys, it's been a blast, but I gotta go.

[JHarper] I'll tell you this much - it came as a surprise to both of us. We weren't looking to get into something like this, but it's been worth it, long distance and all.

[JHarper] Okay, K. I should head out myself. It's been lots of fun. :)

[amokitty] i'm so glad!!

[Kirayoshi] Cya!

[JHarper] G' night, K. :)

[JHarper] I hope we can do this again sometime in the future.

[amokitty] So shall we try this again then?

[amokitty] Good!

[amokitty] Perhaps in a few weeks we can do this again. I'd love it.

[oldprydefan] G'night!

[JHarper] Oh, most definitely. Hope Rose can join in, too. It's been very nice talking to you all like this. And it's very nice meeting you, OPF.

[oldprydefan] Yes, I say we should definitely try this again.

[amokitty] Thanks for dropping by, jeremy.

[oldprydefan] Nice meeting you,too, Jeremy!

<-- Kirayoshi has left #KIOTR

[JHarper] :) Thanks for inviting me. G' night all. Take care, and good luck with your writing. :)

[oldprydefan] G'night!

[amokitty] i can't believe I just thought of this a few days ago... I wish I'd thought of it sooner!

[amokitty] Kiotr chat is a success I think.

[oldprydefan] I think so, too. A very big success.

[amokitty] Good night jeremy.

<-- JHarper has left #KIOTR

[oldprydefan] I should go, too. The time has really flown.

[amokitty] Thank you so much for coming Susan. I had never corresponded with you before, and so I didn't know if you'd even be interested.

[oldprydefan] I'm always interested in all things Kitor, and talking with other writers.

[oldprydefan] Thaks for asking me, and I look forward to next time.

[oldprydefan] It's been great meeting everyone. Good night!

[amokitty] I'll be looking forward to hearing from you again! Take Care Susan.

[amokitty] 'night.

<-- oldprydefan has left #KIOTR

[amokitty] so LW. I haven't kept up the Mutant tournaments. Have kicked major ass?

[LoneWolf21] Eh, nah, just doing so so

[amokitty] I thoought your action sequences were damned good.

[LoneWolf21] Probably going to lose this match to Flight in the quarter finals and get elimated

[LoneWolf21] thanks

[amokitty] hope not!

[amokitty] you've come so far! ;)

[LoneWolf21] heh.

[amokitty] I hoped you've enjoyed the chat. It was great having here. You'll caome again won

[LoneWolf21] ell current score 17-6, so it's looking bleak. Ah well, gave it my best shot, had some fun

[amokitty] I thought you did great.

[LoneWolf21] Thanks

[amokitty] I'm very happy with the way this chat turned out. I wasn't sure if anyone would come given the short notice.

[LoneWolf21] It was a lot of fun

[amokitty] then you'll come again??

[LoneWolf21] yup

[amokitty] Fantastic! thanks so much. I'm glad .

[LoneWolf21] your welcome

[amokitty] Well this looks like things are wrapping up

[LoneWolf21] Well, I ought to be going now. Had a lot of fun. ja ne!

[amokitty] It lasted a lot longer than I originally thought. And that's not a bad thing!!!

[amokitty] Take care LoneWolf. Thanks again!

[amokitty] Good night, Gracie. :)

<-- LoneWolf21 has left #KIOTR

[amokitty] It's been wonderful. :D

[amokitty] Thank you, Everyone!